You Are Royalty; Act Like It

Anon Writes:

Would you write an article re the “fantasy guy” mentioned in the “Specific challenges and successes” article? I’m struggling with calibrating myself and am getting women ignoring me and stumbling over their words when I talk to them. It seems like there’s so much attraction and even when I build comfort I have a hard time getting them to open up. An annoying thing is it seems like they’re constantly on their toes trying to impress me to the point of agreeing with everything I say, being really sensitive to any little joke I make or when texting sending short statements instead of contributing to the conversation. Like they get so nervous talking and then are walking a tight rope walk when they do. I know I need to work on being more relaxed and sociable which I am but could you help me and other guys in this situation out because it seems like there’s so many wrong turns and so much weight being put on whatever I do or say that any wrong turn gets such a big reaction. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I’m still genuinely surprised that this level of game is needed, it really does seem, even though I know first hand it’s not, that it would be very obvious to this type of good-looking guy. That chicks would be throwing themselves at him like Eddy Murphy in the 80’s. But it doesn’t really work that way, exactly. Girls do throw themselves at you, but as a man who either knows he’s good-looking, or can see the kind of reactions Anon describes above, you realize they actually are throwing themselves at you, it’s just girls, even overt sluts, are a more subtle species than her male counterparts.

The trick is, you need to learn to see correctly, and understand the world better, it’s your perception that’s off. If girls are around you, texting you, trying to converse with you, or not running away from you, then all you gotta do is be charming. See for men that are a bit uglier than you have to push, be direct, target and sexualize their conversations. You do that and suddenly you’ve ruined your calibration. Girls put you into a category, if you act outside that category, it doesn’t matter how hot you are, they’ll be weirded out.

If girls are around you, but they act nervous, you they won’t talk, answering your texts with one word replies, you’re doing something wrong. You worry about or think that there’s so many wrong turns, and there is, if you’re even thinking about this. See good=looking men do still have an advantage, which is, that one can act just like every man wishes he could act around women, and get laid. See when you’re at a certain level in looks as a guy, being aggressive or forward is actually counter-productive, why are you working like a pleb, when you appear to be royalty? That’s what a girls internal processor is going through.

Every guys wishes he could just be himself and not try to impress, or run game, or try to hard, and as a good-looking guy this is exactly what you can do and should be doing. A guy at this level of looks shouldn’t give a shit what a girl replies or doesn’t reply with. You have the pick of the litter, act like it, and you have the luxury of not having to give a shit what any of these girls actually say, or think. They’re just there for you to enjoy if you so please.

As long as you’re interesting, can talk about anything, than do it. Wanna talk about football or how salsa makes you gassy and your farts stink? Do it. Be open about what you want to do, say you want to go to this bar, better yet you are going, and any girl in your area tell them to come or show up. And then go. Just do what you want to do, the girls will be edging their way in. Certain guys make girls want to work for your attention, and you’re taking that from them, and making them feel odd because you’re acting like the average guy who tried picking them up 20 minutes ago.

So it’s not really being yourself, if you’re a soft-spoken push over, it won’t work either. It’s just about acting the part. You are a prince, and you get what you want. If you were rich, would you have the same money anxieties as you might have now? Would you worry about anything? Or would you just do it? Good looks should be freeing not limiting. You’re game and trick should be stop giving a fuck. If a girl texts back with a one word reply tell her something that’s completely irrelevant and uncaring. For example:

You: “Hey, What’s up?”
Her: Workin
You: Cheese is really good on Doritos

Okay not the best example but it sounded funny. My point is, just don’t give a fuck. As a good-looking guy, not giving a fuck is your birth right. Employ it, use it, live it. And act like the god you think you just might be.

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