Confidence, that magic that cures all of one’s social pains, the thing that game centers around, the pivot, that root, the well that everything comes from in game terms – is it as important as having grit?

Confidence can be faked, it’s advised to fake it until you make it, it’s a powerful tool in you tool box for anything social, game, employment, running a business, etc. Yet confidence can do a lot of damage as well as a lot of good. It’s a double-edged sword. Confidence can get you into situations you’re not prepared for, or not really willing to do, it can mislead you down paths that are detrimental and not being productive or positive to you over all. You can start being successful with chicks, so much so that you toss away everything else in your life in order to just pursue banging babes, and other things you once found important or interesting falls to the ground, leaving you to get to a point of unfulfillment and disillusionment.

A player’s life gone on too long can have devastating consequences to real connections with people, or more precisely girls. The red pill for all it’s reality can unseat a life of variety, and wonder, if one were to go completely into the matrix. This may still be good for some people, it may even be the fulfillment they want, or the only life they want to live, however confidence is also a limiting ceiling.

Confidence can be integrated with having grit, and when used with grit, it becomes a more positive, constructive tool, as confidence is never solid, never unmalleable, never untested. Even the most naturally confident people will have times in their lives when that confidence is tested, and sometimes shattered or at least, bruised. With out grit, it’s difficult to get oneself out of those situations, and one can spiral downwards from the peak of confidence into the dark shadow world of self-doubt.

Confidence, real or fake, is something one always has to encourage, seek and feel, in order to be successful at anything, but with out grit, the bitter determination in life to constantly battle through everything and achieve one’s goals, confidence is nothing more than a veneer that eventually everyone will see through. A man with confidence and without grit is nothing more than a slick snake oil salesman.

The world is simple, yet can seem complex, there are a variety of attributes that can lead you to success, grit is the one, that if you have it, if it’s within you, will be the key for you to gain confidence, and to gain all the attributes that you need to succeed. Confidence is a powerful tool, but grit is truly the motor that you need to work on first.

Over my time here at The Paradigm Shift, many people have asked into the ether how does one gain confidence with the only answer meekly coming from every one of, fake it until you make it. Advice that is ill-advised as a person with fake confidence will be doomed to constant battles with said confidence. True grit, is the key to life in this world.

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