The Self-Help world is a large one, it spans many different things; diets, work-outs, financial planning, how to make you smarter, memorization, languages, and even game. It’s actual sales and market is large, about as large as most of the people buying it and seeking it out – and it’s never going to go away it seems, at least in our culture. See the thing about self-help, and the thing you will never hear or read from self-help guru’s is how to overcome the actual problem that you want fixed or resolved. And that is, you lack the ambition, and drive. You lack the motor to get you to improve, and without that, nothing anyone sells you, tells you, or gives you, will solve any of your problems. And you won’t be taught it, because drive isn’t something that someone else can provide for you.

Let’s take game for example, one of the strongest drives in a man is the sex drive, the desire to go out and get laid. Game is around because so many men have this ambition, and they want the answers on how to get laid, or get laid more often, or just be better with women. When they’re told about some of the work and or realities, many drop out, not willing to put in the work to better themselves. Why is this? Well they may have a desire to get laid, but they don’t have that internal motor that is driving them to be better than the were yesterday that always runs. No amount of shaming, challenging, coaxing, pleading or anything else will change this in someone, unless they themselves get that drive.

Self-Help is utter bullshit. Except it’s not. Okay so on the one hand, it’s a con, because we all know, that most people who have the motor and drive and ambition don’t need self-help shit. They tend to be very resourceful people and just find a way to get things done, bad with women, they’ll ask friends, people, put themselves out there with women, approach, and fail and succeed, as much as their motor keeps going. Any game advice is useless with out this advice, as any self-help advice is useless too. It’s bullshit because as a self-help person (even if you give out advice with good intentions and an honest desire to help people) you’re still selling a magic pill. The only thing is, the magic pill isn’t really anything at all, because the magic they really need, is to get their motor going, and no one can do that for another person. Where self-help isn’t bullshit, is that all this advice that is given out is usually good advice, and if a person was to follow it for the rest of their lives they would be improved. The irony is lost on self-help consumers, that they’re asking someone for how to employ self-help. So help me, learn to help myself.

Motivation. You can be temporarily motivated by a good motivator, or even some sort of tragedy or event in your life that makes you motivated, and it kicks your motor going. But usually with most people it stops. Motivators with most people would need to be employed 24/7 to keep their motor going. It’s just that, eating shitty, not working out, doing other mundane crap is just far to easy and more interesting to most people, than keeping that motor going. Because well, it’s hard work.

We’ve all known the girls and guys who go on diets, start working out, then some stuff happens, or the give in to their “cheat” days one too many times and they’re right back to gaining weight and eating bad, and they look at themselves depressed and wonder why did they stop going to the gym? No motor. You need a motor to want to do that all the time. You need the drive inside you to be better. And only a select few successful people have this in them, and it’s why they’re successful. Even no talent hacks, still get to be successful because of the drive they have, the motor that won’t stop.

So, my advice to all you readers, if you don’t have the motor, the drive, then skip all the game advice, the how to be a better man stuff, the tips and tricks to gain muscle and lose weight. Get the drive, find your motor some how, and all the rest will come as a result of your ambition motor. I can’t give it to you, and no one else can either.

If you have no actual drive and motor to change, then self-help is nothing more than masturbation.

4 thoughts on “Drive

  1. Is english your first language? Maybe this article just needs a re-edit.

  2. you’ll find that most people who need self help books never read them, those that don’t read them all.

  3. maybe actually read them… maybe, not sure if I buy this though. I’ve worked in the book biz, I’ve seen who buys these books and who attends the seminars. It’s not CEO’s and Entrepreneurs.

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