When you learn game, and you start hearing bloggers or PUA’s talk about oneitis (seems to have gone the way of the dodo bird lately) you are taught to identify accept and learn to over come what this tragic disease afflicted to many of men out there. It seems to have disappeared from game blogs out there, because well, game blogs have kind of disappeared all together. Now it’s feminism that, self-help this, style that, party it up this, etc. Now I could be wrong, because, and I’m not just saying this, I don’t really read all that much on the manosphere in that passed while. I do skim the headlines and aggregators though and click on things that peak my interest. And with that, I’ve noticed very few basic game posts going up.

There seems to be a shift in the general bloggosphere, and almost “I’m not a PUA, I write about game” mentality that permeated these lands when there was a shift from PUA mystery method type stuff, to a more all-encompassing Red-Pill or self-help lifestyle. Gone are many of them men who were out in the field learning, applying and relaying game tips, info, and strategies. I mean how much can one talk about things that have already been said?

Yet guys are still out there, trying to get laid, or getting laid. Field reports turn into braggarty posts, turn into “you’re not alpha unless you post the pics of your bangs to judge the quality” talk, to the qualifying of who’s a fraud and who isn’t kind of schtick. In all of it, the purity of the game has been lost.

There’s an underlying theme here, and it’s obsession. Many men who come to game come to it because they’re obsessed with a girl or a couple girls, and just spiral out of control on how to get them or how to behave properly around chicks. Many of us, especially in our youth can’t help but be obsessed with banging chicks. It’s primarily all we think about from 15 to 35 or so. When you learn to overcome oneitis the obsession then leaks into how many chicks can you bang, and thus leads into the natural masculine art of competition, which fuels the obsession. But is it really any better than oneitis.

Of course it is you idiot, you actually get laid.

But it’s still obsession, and when one does not overcome this, he’s doomed to languish in its grip until it’s through with him, and when it is, one is left wandering like some sad ronin. One must find a new master to become his world and thus the cycle starts all over.

In our zest to teach, preach, and commune with guys who are just seeking out help in regards to oneitis and the like, it would’ve been wise of us to warn against replacing one obsessive trait with another, and become more well-rounded. For the very purest form of game, is to get good enough that you just don’t need to worry or obsess about getting laid again.

I see a lot of obsession around, and I’m not free of it either. Perhaps its time to move past this obsession too, and seek a true balance in the force.