How to Know If You Need Game in a Tinder World

Tinder. Basically it’s non-stop one stop app that houses all the sluts in your area wanting to have sex, now, tomorrow, now again, tonight, with multiple guys, anything you want. Girls are on tinder are on there for one thing only, to get fucked. So if you’re wondering if you need game, or better game, go on tinder, see if you get matches, see if you bang them.

If you don’t do both, you need game, you need to work on your game, if you are, then you don’t need silly websites like this. Tinder as far as I can tell, is not like the old online dating thing, where hooking up was kind of a dirty little word that a lot of girls were on there for, but the sentiment of “dating” website still had a lot of girls who aren’t full on sluts going on there hoping to find dates, and maybe a relationship. You had to learn how to navigate around these girls for quick bangs, or put up with a lot of dates and what not to get laid.

Bring about Tinder, the app that cuts out all that silly nonsense and gets down to what our morally corrupt society full with sexually “liberated” chicks looking to whore it up on the routine want. It’s a paradise for guys just wanting to get laid. A nightmare for the guys who want anything more than that.

It’s so bad that if you are in a committed relationship you might want to make sure your girl isn’t on tinder, cuz if she is she’s fucking other dudes. There’s something unappealing about tinder to me, it kind of takes the seduction out of the equation, it takes anything but being a match looks and dtf wise out of the equation. However if this was around when I was 20 I know I’d have a 1000 easier notches on my belt and would never seek out game blogs let alone write one.

And this begs the question, is game all that necessary anymore with this app? I mean if you’re on there and can’t get laid with the easiest of tramps, I’m not sure game is really gonna help you all that much. You’d need a full re-install of your operating system and perhaps a face lift and gym routine. Again if you’re only trying to get laid.

Game may be sidelined to relationship only area’s soon. Seriously, if you want to get laid, get on the damn app. And tinder yes you can pay me for this glowing report, thanks.

2 thoughts on “How to Know If You Need Game in a Tinder World

  1. Got this app in January, met two girls and banged them both on the ifrst night. What can I say, its redicilously easy. Almost take the fun out of it for me. Didnt meet up with anyone from tinder after that.

    About your question, you still need some game to bang girls from there, text game to set up dates etc, but once you assume the sale its very straightforward and easy, One of the girls required some gaming to get her to bed. She was kinda holding back wanted to talk serious etc, my smirky Alpha game didnt Work so i adapted, talked to her seriously, joked in between, and moved slowly, but steadily forward. The other one was so easy almost had to hold her back she was so ready.

    But you do need some game, but it doesnt take much I would say, they might try and hide it, but they are there to get dick period. Have a colleague of mine who is struggling with it though, he worries about making great openers etc i.e. have no game, its like he refuses to see that all the girl’s really want is to get laid. Ive stopped helping my beta friends, its just too frustrating. Its true what you say, if you cant get laid on this you really need a re-boot.

    Anyways, to conclude, the app works well, but its not for me, simply too simple is the best way i can describe it. Im more into picking up girls in street or in bars.

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