Bad Game

We’ve all read the recent Franco messages to a girl who is making the rounds in the interweb social judgement chamber, and we can all admit that he was running bad game while he was doing so. Many men red it and cringed, and yelled out “BETA!” “BETA!” at least in their heads. The standard being the golden rule set forth by Heartiste, don’t text something you wouldn’t be comfortable with if it was displayed on a jumbo-tron. But what if I told you bad game, not only worked sometimes, but was more essential than tight game? You’d scoff wouldn’t you? Okay hear me out.

First off let’s take a look at where bad game comes from. Obviously the blue pill lies that were passed down to us from our society, like mothers, rom-coms, etc. Sure taking that advice is going to leave to bad game, but one shouldn’t be dumb enough to keep running bad game on these things alone. In fact bad game, even in Franco’s instance has little to do with knowledge and everything to do with desire of that specific girl. Yes oneitis, but also a term I call, onefuckis. Onefuckis is a desease where a man becomes so obsessed, hormonally imbalanced, turned on and animalistic towards a certain girl, or type. He isn’t in love, but he’s got his laser sights fixed on one target… the pangs of desire too great to think straight in the moment. This mindset or loss of control is primarily the reason for bad game, unless you’re just socially awkward to begin with.

I know I’ve been a victim of this, even when I could say I’ve run successful game for years. I’ve fallen victim to onefuckis. It is when you want to fuck some chick so bad, you lose all your good sense and start acting like our “beta” actor.

Now where’s the benefit? Well for one, running bad game and failing to get your results will teach way more than running good game. Where running tight game will give you mixed results based on logistics, girls taste to you physically, mood, availability, time of the month, etc. You get my point, running tight game will still land you rejections and sometimes give you false cracks in your game, where as bad game almost always falls flat and leaves you looking and feeling like a giant tool, wishing he could go back and time, and hoping that nothing gets revealed on the twittersphere, or internet.

Every guys should run bad game now and then, just to recalibrate himself on good game. Plus it’s kind of like an adventure, a reminder to how sickening a life with out game really is. At the very least, you’ll lose your fear of running bad game/ The problem of course is that bad game can’t be done on purpose.

I implore all who are reading this to intentionally run bad game on a girl in the next week. I guarantee that if you intentionally try to run bad game, you won’t be able to. You will maybe start, but it will be seen as an experiment or laugh to you, and you’ll be so conscious of it, you won’t allow yourself to continue, you’ll either stop talking to the chick, or quickly revert to running decent to good game. Which of course teaches you another valuable lesson. If you find yourself coming down with a douse of oneitis or onefuckis, intentionally run bad game, and you’ll find that you’re consciousness over what you’re saying and doing will override your symptoms of desire. It’s a short-circuit to your hormonal hard wiring. It will bring you back on track.

I only wish someone like me had told me about this trick, there were a couple onefuckitis girls I would have enjoyed railing. But let us not dwell on the past and look towards the future.

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