Why Women/Feminists Both Hate and Love Alpha males

They do not fall under the same social judgement that everyone else does. They have risen above it and genuinely don’t give a shit what people think of them. Oh sure they may wear things feel good, look good, want to demonstrate power, wealth, healthier etc. But as far as actually being judged, or needing to abide by his peers or societies guidelines on how he’s supposed to behave, he just simply won’t do it, doesn’t care and wouldn’t even if you told him to.
In every sense feminists, and those “strong, independent” women out there are doing their best to copy or mimic the alpha male, because they see this as a freedom from their imprisonment of social pressure, judgement and rules. This is why it’s such an affront to men, or alpha men when they read, hear, or see women trying to act like this, we know it’s all an act. The sad part about feminism and this desire to be alpha-male like, is that it cannot and will not ever happen.
See when women say things like independent, strong, educated in regards to themselves or other women, they are proclaiming themselves as wannabe those, even when they’re declaring themselves to be such a thing. You’d never hear an alpha male, or even a guy say those things. The straw man argument of course is that women need to do this because they’re “oppressed” – ya I could accept that if it was said by women in the early 60’s or the original feminists, as they were actually struggling to be seen as being able to be something more than just house wives – but we haven’t lived in that world for 25 years or so now. No one bats an eyelash at a woman having a job, career, being a single mom. No one gives a shit, so why do we hear this proclamation louder, more often, and from all ‘educated’ women? There’s many reasons, but mostly, me thinks she doth protest too much.
See women, even feminists, love a man who displays power, and in this world power is mostly attributed to what men think of what power is, money, wealth, influence etc. All those things are attractive to the ladies because it offers a certain lifestyle a certain lavishness – but it’s not power how a woman would describe it – the real power for women, especially feminists, is to be free from the shackles of society, and it’s rules and judgement. See women are narcissistic much like beta males are, and can’t help but be wrapped up in the nonsense that is the social hierarchy and system. The feminists decided they should take this on and change everyone, because that’s easier than actually being like an alpha man and just not giving a fuck what anyone thinks. And to them it is actually easier to try and convince everyone else, because they’re not capable of not giving a fuck, their not wired to be. Outliers and rare exceptions not included.
But the alpha male who doesn’t care about rules, society and about what people think about him, is the magical unicorn that all girls dream and fantasize about themselves. See no matter what you as a man have to offer, looks, money, power, etc, it’s nothing if it doesn’t represent something to how she feels about herself. Women are the definition of narcissistic. Men we’ll be attracted physical beauty and a feminine behavior and mannerisms, because it’s pleasant and it makes our dick hard. An alpha male represents everything a woman dreams of being, but is incapable, this makes her feel attracted, makes her want to be with the man, wants to have his kid, somehow latch on to him to perhaps be free of the prison she herself cannot escape on her own.
But this is also why girls and feminists hate the alpha male. Because they cannot, no matter how much they try, proclaim, and protest. So they are angry at the guys who get to do it, blame some magical boogey man like the patriarch (this is just guys not giving a fuck about the rules and society or anyone’s opinions) and raise campaigns after campaigns designed to get rid of this masculinity. If they can’t have it for themselves, it must be destroyed. Perhaps the existence of such men threaten the pathetic veil they wear that attempts to portray them as aloof, strong and independent women. There is an internal conflict with them, denied attraction and admiration, and verbalized and actualized hatred and resentment.
The sad part is, that alpha men don’t try to be like this, we just are. We just don’t give a shit about anything, and it’s the most frustrating and vagina tingling things to women at the same time. This is also why we snicker and laugh every-time a chick protests about how strong and educated and amazing she is. It’s like a little boy saying he’s as strong as his dad, it’s cute, but it’s just so obviously not true.

4 thoughts on “Why Women/Feminists Both Hate and Love Alpha males

  1. As an actual narcissist, I understand why you’d say this “women are narcissistic much like beta males are”, but I have to disagree.
    True narcissism is an internal process of continual self-adoration and self-obsession. If a true narcissist is rejected by their social group, they find another or go it alone for a while. We like everything about ourselves, seek to surround ourselves with people who remind us of ourselves, we even come to love our narcissism when we are diagnosed or work it out. Sometimes it may waiver, but it’s so deeply rooted that it never goes away. The self-love is virtually immutable and entirely indestructible.

    What you see in the vast majority of modern humans is self-deification. They love and worship themselves because they’ve been told their whole lives that selfishness is good and that they are awesome and beyond correction. However, unlike a narcissist, when they are rejected they spiral. Self-deification is a very weak state of mind, not founded on your own self-love, but on external boosters. If you remove the external forces telling them how awesome they are, a self-deified human collapses into despair and claws for attention

    “Pure” Alpha males embody confidence in their own abilities. “Pure” narcissists embody confidence in themselves, with or without any abilities. Everyday humans are in a continual state of deifying themselves, building their castles of sand and trying to remain ignorant to how pathetic they genuinely are.

  2. True Narcisism…? Hollt shit, what the hell is that?
    And why is it presented as another way to feel empowered? Maybe because it is?

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