The Manosphere Is Dead

Okay it’s not, but what a title huh?

At some point in the not so distant future you’ll see a lot of posts with similar titles as this, when the inevitable collapse of the manosphere happens. Outrage you say? Blasphemy you say? Perhaps, but perhaps I’m just continuing on my journey towards the truth and to the inevitable of everything in the universe, at some point everything ends. The law of inertia will see to it that even the manosphere will die. How it will die, of course is another story.

Will it be raided and prosecuted like victims of the Spanish inquisition, for speaking truth in the world of lies? Will it simply fade out over time with its authors going on to other things possibly more lucrative than writing for men to help them better themselves? Will the need or desire to be more masculine from our younger audiences cease to exist worthy of a corner of the web all its own? Who knows. For one I know it won’t be replaced by anything Tucker Max is doing.

We talk about feminism and fanatical equalists not having an end game, or having their end game be the down fall of society, or just simply a fantasy – but what is our end game? To bring balance to the force right? Is this a realistic goal? Is this likely with the ever-growing distaste for masculinity and everything we’re talking about? Is it more likely we’ll be completely attacked by the main stream and banished to the lands where only racists blog?

Now I know we all make a difference, I know that I’ve made a difference to a few guys and gals out there, but on the larger scope of things I haven’t made a dent. The only thing we are labelled as is misogynists and cavemen who’ll eventually die off and the crazy people can have their utopia. Of course I know that will not happen either.

I know this is just navel gazing, but so what, I find it interesting enough to contemplate, for the very reason that we’re at a position now in the state of the manosphere that we can navel gaze. One day some might be online or at a bookstore somewhere and come across something that reminds them of me, us, you, and looks back fondly at it. The world would still need us, but will it want us?

I believe that nature abhors an imbalance. It will correct itself whenever it occurs, it just takes a really long time sometimes – and with society and social behaviors being inside the realm of nature, it too will correct itself. Perhaps all we’re doing is delaying the actual inevitable complete imbalance, which would trigger the correction needed from nature.

Or maybe I’m just really tired, high, or drunk. Maybe all three, who knows…

5 thoughts on “The Manosphere Is Dead

  1. I’m sure we’ll chug along for a while. We are not the imbalance society thinks we are – we’re the crusaders trying to restore it.

  2. well fuck you click baiter, do you think i’m going to visit this blog again, well do you retard ? baned – donlak for life.

  3. Would you consider writing another article on game for good looking guys? I was struggling trying to figure out what was wrong and your articles were incredibly helpful. I fit in to the type 2 (alpha male with male model type looks) you described and noticed that as I grew in to my looks and got in better shape I would rarely catch girls looking at me unless I’m putting out a relaxed, outgoing vibe and even then it’s nervous deer in headlights type looks. It’s actually quite frustrating, any further advice or articles on this would be awesome. I found it way easier to hook up with girls when I was an ~8/10 in looks and would get opened constantly, now it’s very rare girls come up to me and when I come up to them they nervously stumble their words and I feel like I’m just walking them through a conversation a lot of the time.

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