Enjoy The Good Life

Okay hold on, let me get a drink…

Ah… okay that’s better. I tweeted today as I was sitting out in the sun, pondering if I should write a blog post or not, since today is the first time in a long time I’ve actually had a free day to do whatever I want, and I said fuck it. I went for a swim and then came and hung out in the sun… it wasn’t until 5 minutes ago that I said, what wait I\m on my patio, I could have a drink and write a post in the sun using my laptop, why the fuck not? Yes I’m really not the brightest knife in the tool shed…
ahem, well let’s just say I’ve been out of practice lately on doing daily writing, blogging, and maintaining what I’ve created, like the podcast I’ve announced that will be monthly instead of weekly.

Now I hate posts that bloggers do that update their readers and write posts on why they aren’t writing posts, so I won’t get into why, or make this just a post to say I won’t be writing more posts or what have you – no, I just wanted to say something. To get back into the habit of creating, writing, and talking to you guys, my audience, who has perhaps not disappeared just not been showing up since there’s been no new content to read. This is really my true style of writing anyways, stream of consciousness like I was sitting here on my patio and you were all with me and I was like 4 or 5 drinks in and there was no ladies around. Babbling basically. Perhaps not easy to read, but much more fun to write.

But what am I getting at? What’s the point of all this? A twitter follower responded to my post subject query earlier today and said write a post on something you’ve mastered, and I was like, shit that’s depressing – it’s depressing because I realized I haven’t really mastered anything. At least in my head with my standards. Have I mastered seducing women? No, I strike out now and then, I can’t lay all the ladies. Have I mastered writing and art? Well me in my 20’s sure though he had, but I know I haven’t, you readers know I’m too lazy to spell check or edit, so I haven’t mastered that. Have I mastered my day job… yes I guess I could say I have, and I’m bored by it, and well that depresses me. And thus we come to the crux of the matter. To me mastering something means you have little to nothing to learn about that thing anymore. And in life there’s usually always something to get better at or learn about. Mastering something is usually a skill that takes practice and patience and time, say woodworking, a man can become a master at that, or body building, martial arts, etc. These are all things that one could become a master at, meaning you’ve reached an elite level of proficiency at.

I may, using that last standard say I’ve mastered seduction, but I can’t say that because I’m getting older, girls are different, other younger guys are different, the whole sexual market place is fluid and changing, much like art.. an artist can be great, like say a successful band that stays together too long, once masters of music, but in time they become irrelevant and just bad. Things change, and once you become a master at it, you stop learning, you stop changing and you stop growing. In fluid things like social networks, relationships, sexual marketplace, business, arts, anything that is changing and fluid you cannot be a master at, because once you do, you’ve been left behind by everyone else.

What can I say I’ve mastered? Well, living the good life. That follower asked me to describe how I got there when talking about something that I mastered, but it’s not so easy to do. There were precise traumatic moments that I could easily point to, avoidance of jail, imprisonment, loss of freedom, that was a big one, but there’s so many other little moments that changed me day by day through my thinking process that I want to live a good life, no the good life. I wanted to experience everything that life had to offer, well at least everything that interested me. See for me the good life isn’t about rock climbing or jumping out of an airplane because that’s what everyone thinks is exciting and what someone should do before they die, no I do things that I find interesting, exciting, etc. Joseph Campbell said one should follow his bliss, that is what I’ve mastered, following my bliss. Well, for the most part I have.

It’s important to note following ones bliss and living the good life seems to be like heaven on earth, a paradise, a not stop orgy coke party fest, no that’s not what it is, sure that’s IN there, but there are bad times, shitty times and struggles. But if you’re living the good life, or trying to live the good life, then all of that becomes worth it, easy to deal with, and stepping stones to a better life tomorrow.

Alright, now I’ve gotta refill my drink, till next time.

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