Good Chicks

It’s not what you think, I promise, I may have been barely visible in the manosphere lately, but I haven’t gone blue pill or anything. And yes there are good chicks out there, but I’m not referring to marriageable chicks, or whining that one can’t find them anymore, or anything like that, which has been done already, possibly to death. No I’m referring to time management in the world of picking up, or dating, or banging multiple broads, if one were to do such a thing.

There’s a thing out there with chicks now, thanks to feminism, and I call it the Toronto virus, my American friends can call it the DC virus, cuz the chicks there seem to be the epicenter of new wave of feminism in the America’s. What I’m referring to is the chicks you talk to that have so blindly set their beliefs in political correctness, feminism and gender neutrality (which is to be honest, code word for leftists, feminists, and pussies, who want everyone to be one gender, and it’s female, not no gender – but not in the traditional female role, just the new definition. You know, bat shit crazy, run by your emotions, victims, cause heroes etc… just don’t tell them to wear heels – those types). When you talk to these chicks they actually believe it so much that they assume the rest of the world agrees with them and this is the new standard of social behavior. You’re attacked for things as ridiculous as calling a girl a brat when flirting. Some of these chicks apparently have problems with every little thing that could be construed even remotely as something outside of her new world view and it should be stomped on and argued with. Oh but she’s fun, she knows how to flirt. Don’t try to tell her otherwise. She’ll be dumped by a bunch of guys, but it wasn’t her fault… nope.

I know my advice will seem obvious after the above rant, but sometimes out in the field where you may have landed a night out with one of these broads unaware of her real beliefs or general demeanor, or you are out and you start chatting up a cute girl (sometimes these girls can be actually cute and hot, which makes if fairly frustrating.) and you will suddenly find yourself in some odd argument over something flirty you said. See political correctness robs us of everything, because sex, seduction, flirting, are all natural processes but they also walk a very thin line of naughtiness or socially taboo behaviors, but flirting when doing it properly is done with both of you understanding that you aren’t really meaning that a girl you call a brat is literal, ie the actual definition, you’re not saying she a kid and well you get the idea.

If we keep going the way we are, flirting will be gone just like so many other things in society. Having sex will be completely by choice of the woman, meaning even the inquisition of sex will be viewed as rape. And well, we’ll just all burn in flames and society will destroy itself completely.

But for now, what you need to do, is learn how to time manage oneself in the sexual market place, steer clear of these chicks, and when caught up with one, move on right away. As guys we’re tied to your cocks, so you might be thinking at the time, maybe some of this bullshit is worth the bang. It ain’t, and it shouldn’t be worth your time to deal with some chick who has Aspergers.

Stick with the good old-fashioned sluts, party girls, and girl next door types. Anything else ain’t even fit for dogs.

2 thoughts on “Good Chicks

  1. As a married man, this doesn’t really apply to me… However, if this were done on a regular basis… it would help train these bitches to knock that shit off.

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