Online Game, Is it Still Around? Do Good Looks Make It Easy?

Online dating is one example that people will say that looks in a guy have a lot to do with success, and on the surface it’s really hard to argue with it. Good looking guys with good pictures will get more attention, or so it seems to someone just kind of thinking about it. If one was to explore online dating they may find that the sexual market place is usually counter-intuitive for guys, and online it’s stripped down to the very essentials of attraction.

Now I was never a big online dating kind of guy, but it was a pretty lucrative pipeline of pussy in my time. For awhile when I was lazy and not in the mood to date, I used to message girls and have them meet my at my place where I’d fuck them, usually with in minutes of their arriving. Sometimes it took more convincing and other times it didn’t. Online dating is great for getting horny girls who are down to fuck, and make it easy and fast. But it’s not like every girl responded to me all the time. Even for good-looking guys you’re still playing the numbers game.

Does being good-looking give you more innate self-confidence? I’m not sure, I guess for a certain type of good-looking guy it does, but I that has more to do with his inner game than anything. So being good-looking doesn’t give you immediate game when posting your pimp ass pictures online. You still need a hook, a personae, and look and well, game. I’ve said before that having good looks does give you an advantage, but only if you act accordingly to how a girl or girls will be perceiving you. Being online it’s actually more under a microscope.

How you craft your messages, who you message, and how many times you message is all going to be just as valid as an average looking dude if not more. An average dude may be forgiven for not being a smooth mother fucker, and get a few shit test passes, where as a good-looking guy is supposed to just “sit back and let the ladies come to him”. And that’s one of the biggest hurdles to over come.

Girls expect that you get messaged all the time like them, but you won’t, maybe the odd top dude on the site might, but it’s usually because he’s got his shit together as I outlined above. I haven’t talked about online game much because well, at the time that I was using it the most, everyone else was writing about it. Haven’t heard much about it recently. Not really sure why?

I know there’s new app’s like Tinder and the like, perhaps some of you can share your successes or failures here in the comment sections and I could help you hone your online game.

3 thoughts on “Online Game, Is it Still Around? Do Good Looks Make It Easy?

  1. Online dating is very similar to “real life” as so far there are many uninspiring looking women combined with a small percentage of hot women looking for their egos to be massaged. The intricate difference is there is a higher percentage of ugly women on online dating (than seen in real life), and smaller percentage of hot women on these sites – even smaller numbers than the isolated cases of stunning women seen on the streets every day. Cute women – who do make up around 10% of the female society – are likewise few and far between on these crappy dating sites.

    Is online dating easier for good looking guys? I have my doubts, but this isn’t to say hoards of ugly men are getting lucky either. Like real life, those men who are happy to be with women who are that pronounced level better looking than them are the big winners.

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