February 14th, Manosphere Remembrance Day – HeManimal

I’m sitting here, sipping on some mangria with ice, it’s a fabulously masculine drink created by Adam Carolla and checking my twitter, after reading about the latest manosphere trending movement to make February the 14th a manosphere remembrance day – meaning all the old writers and contributors that have disappeared (some suspiciously) or shut down their blogs for their own protection – and I came across Dagonets post on this topic. Now Dago, as I call him… actually I’ve never called him that but whatever, and I re-tweeted his post because it’s a damn good post with poignancy, which is sometimes lacking in the writing in the ‘sphere. I have fond memories of those times, it was simpler, we were all having a lot more fun, or at least the writing was less snippy or locked in place. Back then Dago and I started our same blogs at the same time roughly and at this point we kind of post almost at the same rate… not as often as we did. But I digress, waxing on about the past even on remembrance day isn’t something one should spend too much time doing, and my dinner that is being cooked for me is almost ready.

Now the ‘sphere hasn’t always been great to me, at least a few of it’s more well-known and lesser known members seemed to have a soft spot for ol’ spelling mistake master, grammar ignorer and wisdom and truth dealer that I will always think fondly of it in its whole, and for those special few. Dago of course tweeted me tonight that I should do a post remembering The Paradigm Shifts very own HeManimal. Some of you may not know who this is, never have come across his posts or noticed that some of the posts weren’t written by me. I all but removed him due to his request at a sudden departure from his short but great stint in the manosphere. In fact I didn’t even think anyone remembered him, so we can all thank Dago for this and we can look back fondly at some of Hemanimals posts, still alive on the site at least for the mean time.

For those that have not read any of his work, here is the link to read all his posts on the shift.

When Hemanimal left the site, he did take some of the enthusiasm I had when we both were writing here. And I am an emotional and energy sucking vampire, I feed on others, so I was forced to find it within myself to continue on. And I have for the most part. Looking back at his contributions I am reminded of why I got into this whole thing in the first place, and yet I now look at my current self and all I’ve created here, and wonder will I be the next blogger to be mentioned in next years manosphere remembrance day? Only time will tell.

Let us take whats left of this february 14th and remember our fallen comrades. And for old times sake…

March on soldiers

One thought on “February 14th, Manosphere Remembrance Day – HeManimal

  1. It’s a tough gig.
    A successful man has much to lose playing this game.
    He becomes a semi public figure in his circles and would not be hard to tear him down with feminist accusations.
    Although I gotta hand it to Mark Rudov. He gave it a good shot and put his head on the chopping block.

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