More Good Looking Game

Kevin writes,

Hi Donlak,

Stumbled upon your site a few days ago and I would like to ask you for some help.

I fall into the category of the ‘model looking’ type as you put it. Good facial bone structure & well muscled (to the most aesthetic proportions). I’d say my average rating would be about an 8/10 on the physical scale. Side note is I’m only 5’5″, but it doesn’t bother me.

The problem I have with most women is they never seem to know what to say to me. I have no problems getting #’s, always get them. But conversationally, I’m always providing the content. Eye contact… the bolder ones make it. Some others look me in the eyes every now and then. Text wise, they aren’t one word answers, but rather short statements. I know I’m rather aloof & sometimes an asshole, but I’m at a lost on how to engage them. I’ve only had a few girls come up and feel me up, most others just sit there and look nervous. Example, group of female classmates sit at a table, I sit down & they all look nervous and are quiet. At least till I say something or leave, that’s what I noticed.

Alas Kevin you are not alone in this good-looking curse that some men share, consider it #goodlookingmenproblems and remember that lesser looking men would love to have that reaction from women, and omega losers playing video games all night and day simply wouldn’t even believe women to be scared of anything.

I have strangely noticed that there are really two types of good-looking men, one’s that women feel really comfortable right away talking to, who say was standing beside you and equal looks with you, would have women falling all over themselves to talk with, almost like they think he’s gay… and therefore safe. Then there’s guys like you Kevin, and I’ve had both experiences myself in my time. You know there is very strong attraction, but it’s almost too strong. If you are the kind of mysterious aloof good-looking dream boat, then girls will be scared of themselves around you. Remember that… it is very important, they may seem afraid of you, but girls aren’t really like that unless being physically threatened – they are afraid of the loss of control they feel when you’re around, they fear stumbling over their words, they fear not being good enough or pretty enough. Girls are really really insecure, it’s just most men don’t really get a chance to see it.

If you want to become the guy I described above who get’s every girl to talk to you, then you’ve got to become a talker. A talker talks to everyone, with energy, with vigour, with passion, but it’s not really personal or connected. It’s surface chatter, even about hobbies and interests, it never goes beyond the surface too much. You’ll need to start learning a variety of things that would seem interesting to young materialistic girls and guys out there, so stay away from poetry and such, go towards running shoes, style, nice cars, bling, swag, and whatever the kids are into these days. And then talk, use cocaine if you need to, but become a talker. Basically anyone who’s good-looking and or cool, you’re open for business too (not sexually I mean.).

Now if you don’t want to become a talker, well then you’re gonna have to learn how to open these frightened girls a little better, and you’re gonna have to learn to comfort them a little more in the beginning… good-looking guys seem to think they need as much game as the average dude, because well most of us are pretty humble people. But when you run too much aloof and asshole game as a good looking guy, you seem just flat-out intimidating and too good for her. Now you may loose a few of these girls when you’re calibrating being nicer to them, because you might go too beta, but don’t worry about it too much either, you want to find the right balance of nice and cocky, sweet and aloof, to nab all the prime young pussy available to you.

2 thoughts on “More Good Looking Game

  1. Some personal observations.

    Hard to be objective about how good looking you are. Its the feed back. But, is that just flattery. I know I’m fit… the rest?

    You get AMOGed often. By mates too. You’re not trusted with gfs and wives despite being honourable and chivalrous. And, known to be so.

    You’re a trophy fuck. Or, just desired to be seen with. Wasted time.

    You’ll get banged with no game.

    You’re used by women get boyfriends to toe the line. They want to close the deal and use you to show higher SMV to them.

    People/friends will set you up with dogs if you let them. I’m nice about it, but, NO.

    You’ll get every lonely fat/ugly chick making a pitch for your attention.

    Good looking chicks worry about the available pussy you have. You need game with them. I’m not good at game but muddle through.

    You tend to end up easy going and relaxed with all women and girls. Little girls love you as much as old retired ones. All you have to do is smile and be pleasant. Be firm but, kind with the oldies. They’ll look after you.

    You can pick up any where. Be prepared, always.

    In social situations you can’t hide, well, not often.

    Learn to handle gays and not fear them. They’ll look after you if handled with firmness, humour and kindness.

    The women that ask/approach you are often nuts.

    You’re swamped with subtle signs of interest. Sometimes quite aggressive ones.

    Exes will be back in touch long after you’ve forgotten them.

    Wanted to coment on your earlier posts on this. Was never sure I was that good looking. It’s only the feedback from the last decade that made me realise it. Plus the swings and roundabouts of life before. Became too fat at one point. Amazing how a LTR woman will do that to a man. She then lost attraction! If got fit again by having control of my diet.

  2. Quite a few posts that pinpoint reasons relating to this subject on the blog below. This post (Donlak’s) pretty much covers the fundamentals behind the mental attitude required though.

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