The Real Problems With Feminism

What really is the problem with feminism? When we break it down? I mean there are a lot of things I have issues with, but my main issue is that it doesn’t just exist to give women opportunities to make real choices, and it doesn’t stop at existing for protecting women’s rights – it keeps expanding on others rights through the PC police and the general disconnecting mass population. I also despise a group that promotes toleration and shows none for anyone that disagrees with that group (think that’s called fundamentalism no?).

Now to not be a hypocrite here, I too have very little tolerance for feminism, but my intolerance has a lot to do with its own hypocritical stance – mainly about a couple fundamental issues dealing with their own gender which they claim to be fighting for.

These main issues, are hard to reconcile with a movement that still fights to be taken seriously, yet permeates the entire culture. My biggest charge against feminist hypocrisy is the stay at home mother, girls who embrace traditional (biological, sociological and evolutionary) roles, etc. Feminists get on a high soap box about allowing women equal rights and to give women equal opportunities, which is to say to allow women the right to choose what they’d like to do. Great on the surface (like many of these new wave liberal ideals) sounds great. Anyone who would argue against that would seem like an asshole or someone in love with oppressing people. However this isn’t what feminism is trying to do. Any time a modern-day woman chooses a traditional lifestyle, she is openly mocked, humiliated or bullied into the lie that feminists have convinced the majority of women into believing. Men and women are the same, therefore women must compete with men in everything, and must be included in everything men are, to do anything else is a betrayal to this narrative, and thus traditional and feminine women who openly choose this lifestyle are attacked.

The other main issue is the fore mentioned denial of differences in genders which in turn now shapes many government policies and school systems into a culture of not only inhibiting masculine tendencies but also feminine tendencies in our populace, for boys often with drugs given at an early age because acting like a boy is now inappropriate. The overreaction of social construct is possible the flimsiest premise to rest one’s whole movement on, as our two genders have been separated in terms of work and roles since before the Neanderthals died off. It is simply saying that what has worked for thousands of years no longer works because we don’t like it anymore. Lumped in often with the un-educated and non-scientific and new agey concepts of what evolution is, and that as a society we have an evolution that would reach some mythological zenith of perfection, is not only inaccurate, it’s down right dangerous. It’s dangerous to base your realities on fantasies and the unintended consequences are extreme and many. We are seeing these in our culture now. Expect more.

The other area of this same topic is that there is a big difference between men and women, and not just in genitalia. Go to any respected doctor, biologist or scientist and try to tell them we are the same. We have different hormones coursing through our bodies, we have different physical make ups, we carry fat and muscle differently, we also have different brains, at least in the areas that control our behaviour. So to say we’re not different, and significantly different is quite laughable. If not insane.

Sociologically or social concepts are around for a reason. I’m not saying that some needed to change or should change over the course of a civilization, but it should change to benefit everyone involved in the society, not just one aspect of it. It would benefit us to encourage both masculine and feminine traits in our world in order to bring the best of both sides of the coin to our society, and yet feminism has no interest in doing this.

These are the main reasons that I find it difficult to accept feminism for what it says it is, and why I don’t accept it as a valid or valuable contribution to society, outside of the basic rights it has given women already. It has become warped and hijacked by fundamentalists, and once that happens, there’s no putting the hens back in the hen-house.

3 thoughts on “The Real Problems With Feminism

  1. Only stupid and completely unintelligent people would agree and embrace feminism. It is not only a hypocrisy it is also a fundamentalist theory that seeks the destruction of men and a consequence free life for women.

  2. i agree with most of what you say here. However there is another important point i want to make regarding the “social engineering” aspect going on in schools ect that i dont like. That being many girls leave school or university with an HUGE sense of entitlement, only to realize there is alot more to getting a job than just being a woman.

    Second, the modern womans attitude toward accountability, in many of their minds, if they are doing what’s best for “me” then it’s all ok! I have been a victim of this attitude and to be honest the woman guilty of her own LIES eventually got caught out. REMARKABLY, she felt no shame in ruining reputations and careers based on her lies, in fact she was a borderline psychopath, she had no empathy what so ever toward anyone but herself. The problem with this is that ive noticed many woman just like her, with the same inherent flaw, they dont seem to attach any importance to their anti social behaviour, in fact some justify it with rather childish responses like “he was rude to me” or “i dont like him” or my personal fav … “he was ugly to ME”!!! God forbid someone be ugly to a woman today, lest they slay you with their lies….

    can a woman with a sense of accountability and true confidence (not arrogance) please respond because i dont understand this “me,me me im more important than anyone else, i can do whatever i want” attitude ect ect…….

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