Hey Ladies

I have in my time on the internet and in my life had a good time poking fun at feminism and its hypocritical stances and claims, but there’s one thing that undermines it’s movement above all else. No it’s not that it’s counter-intuitive or goes against nature or ignores simple biological truths, it’s not that it can be said it’s simply a power grab and not about equality at all. Now all of these may be truthful, it’s not what seriously undermines the “message”.

What is it that women ultimately want? They want to be taken seriously? I mean all these rights to make them equal, or the disdain and hatred towards masculinity or as they call it the evil patriarchy, is generally because their gender historically isn’t taken seriously. They try to fight all the “stereotypes” that are given to their gender, and yet, how do they fight these said stereotypes? How have they gone about changing the rules to get the equality they so desperately say they want? They demand it, they get hysterical online, in public, and in private, they over react, they shame, they ridicule and they act emotionally (which is true to their nature).

Take a look at so-called feminists on twitter and you’ll see that what I just described as pretty accurate. Look at jezebel and other pro-feminist sites and see if I’m being completely wrong. The worst part about all of this is our society has become so feminized that men and boys who’ve been raised in this culture over the past 20 or so years are acting in a similar behavior, due to feminization of our culture and over-saturation of feminine behaviors (or at least the negative aspects of feminine behaviors). We are now a culture of hysteria. It’s one issue after the next that the PC culture rallies around to become hysterical over and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop.

So ladies… if you want to be actually taken seriously, there’s really only one way to do so. Act like it. However I suspect if there’s any reaction towards this article, it won’t be one of rationality and calmness.

5 thoughts on “Hey Ladies

  1. Nice. The best way for girls to be taken seriously is to become a mother. She’ll be taken seriously by her kids, to everyone else she is just a vagina, a distraction, a burden, or a lawsuit waiting to happen.

  2. Actually that comment comes off as a little cynical, but really nobody can take a woman more seriously than her kids. That’s why it takes the force of government to have their will done rather than a natural order of things.

  3. In the rest of the world, people befriend other people (human that is) and they give wild animals food for survival.

    In Western countries, people befriend wild animals and give wild people food for survival.

    – Diogenes of 21st century

  4. I’ve occasionally argued the point with a few women I have known for many years. But, as one of their husbands told me back then and more recently (when I engaged in the discussion). Shut up, theirs no point arguing. We left them to it and went for a beer.

  5. Hey don,first time seeing your blog..looks great keep it up.

    Read this:


    I’ve heard this line sooo many times from women and it’s on the local Spinster Blogs (my name for them):
    ” all I want is a guy who loves me. I don’t care what he looks like,or the car he drives or how much money he makes..all i want is love” and they get all pissy when i tell them “If that’s the case,then to head down to Hastings and Main and grab the first guy you see…”

    Yet they are there giving me their phone number because they saw me drive up in my Aston Martin or washing my “boat”.

    Oh..and BTW check out the “feminist” rallies or the blogs..I have yet to see a slim and attractive woman involved.

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