Web of Lies

One of the fundamental problems and failings of our current generation, since the baby boomers, is the failure to understand idea’s and philosophies and their relation to one another. We in the manosphere tend to hate the idea’s and concepts that feminism and liberalism, some even religious, present because it doesn’t represent truth, at least in how we have perceived it – otherwise known as reality. Of course feminism and these other groups just bicker back at us and think the opposite of us and do the same as we do. Make their point, as ridiculous as it is, and we that live in reality scratch our heads and wonder how anyone can think this way. They do the same thing in this regard too. But why? How can one flawed system of beliefs exist so seemingly concretely in so many people? How can they or anyone get caught up in cult like hysteria that runs rampant in our society?

One lie, or idea begets another one, and that begets another one – idea’s are sort of like the multiple universes theory – where in every quantum even splits a universe off on a branch which gives birth to another new alternate universe. Idea’s are sort of quantum events that keep branching out, however instead of being parallel, they are like a web spreading out further and further away from the initial concept, the first thought. This is the issue or thought that must be destroyed in the name of truth, it is this original thought or lie that must be shown the light of truth in order for all the other idea’s that have branched out from it to exist. Take out the main idea and concept and the rest fall. If we do not do this, we’ll keep hacking at the branches, and the web will keep growing back in as soon as we do.

For instance, many of the liberal thoughts and idea’s, all the bs progressive pc, feminist, victimization of everyone mentality stems from the inaccurate concept that humans and our society is basically good inherently, and more importantly destined or even has the capabilities to become a nothing but positive Utopian egalitarian paradise… say like the star trek Gene Roddenberry theory. You’ve heard it a million times, “it’s 2014 and women are still thought of as such and such”. This is a fundamental narrative behind the very movements of liberalism and progressivism, and it’s scientifically false and impossible.

There is nothing in nature that provides and example of such a state, or even evidence of anything in nature moving towards a goal of perfection. The law of entropy will never allow this, and evolution has been mistaken for a ladder to perfection, and not simple adaptation to the environment. Only human’s believe we are outside of nature… so we could potentially go back further, and destroy that judeo/christian notion too.

In reality, we must look at nature, its history, our scientific understanding of it, and take away false notions of the past, which has led to the lies of people who claim ludicrous things like there is no difference in gender, and we must embrace truth and knowledge. Perhaps one day we will be able to, perhaps one day we’ll get back to realizing that we cannot make it safe for every person, we cannot make society perfect, we cannot eliminate bad things from the world and our existence, and maybe one day us humans will be able to cope again.

4 thoughts on “Web of Lies

  1. I came across this and kept this bit. Seems relevant. “The ingrained belief that history is a progressive and “forward” moving train, reflects the belief that Darwinian evolution and natural selection has relevance in the social and political sphere. That may well be so, but if it is so, it would be a serious misreading of Darwin to expect that political evolution is somehow progressive. Natural selection is not and never was a progressive theory. New species emerge in the environment in response to changing environments. We are not getting “better and better every day and in every way” because of evolution, we are simply changing every day in response to changing environments.” Meditation on Marcus Aurelius by Russell McNeil at http://russellmcneil.blogspot.co.uk/2010/01/nothing-new-under-sun-unpublished.html?m=1

  2. Hi Donlak,

    re: ” stems from the inaccurate concept that humans and our society is basically good inherently”

    I think it’s possible liberal or progressive viewpoint – at least in my case – is because I primarily see the ugliness capable in people, and see history in terms of tribalism and resource conflicts. fwiw, I don’t think people are better than they are (I personally don’t think well of people as a general rule) but recognizing that we can become quite ugly I think it’s important to tend our mindset to counter some natural evolutionary impulses that evolved in a different world than what we have today.

    again, all fwiw

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