Game Differs For Everyone

For those of you that have been reading game blogs for a while or the whole time, maybe read the Game etc. Might be wondering how so many blogs, books, and tweets can regurgitate the same message over and over. There is a couple of reasons for this, however there is one major reason, and that is game – as in how much game you need, what type of game you need (aloof cocky game, funny game, nerd game, weasel game, etc.) – and whether you need game at all (meaning you already have game). The other reason which I believe is more of a limited reason, there’s always new guys discovering game or the red pill and there will always be room for new material. This is true, however I believe it’s the people who stick around game and the manosphere because they’re looking for the answer to game, for them.

Now there is a few main tenets to game, I’ve went over them before here at my sticky notes article and there’s a bit more that have been pointed out and shown by others before and after me. In reality this should be all you need to start your way on to being better with women. I still don’t fully understand why there are so many men that stick around these blogs, I know that I write about anything but getting pussy, or anti-feminism, it gets no hits and no one reads it. And yes I can’t believe no one wants to read articles about particle accelerators and thermodynamics, but I digress.

Outside a few blogs that discuss style and fitness or diet, there’s really nothing else other than sex and getting poon that any of the readers seem to want.

As a writer, and entertainer (podcast) I can of course go on and on about these topics, but I also worry about retreading the same material over and over. Now I will as long as there is a market for it, as long as I get readers, I’ll keep giving you all what you want, because I’m like your dealer. But I find it interesting that with so much information, enough for any man to start getting better with women, right now, that there are so many men still reading all of these blogs and articles. I know it’s a kind of a Men’s club, and I understand that aspect of it, but isn’t there something more? I wondered (author scratches chin ever so pensively).

Now there’s also the splintering cell of writers writing about game and getting chicks that say anyone, like yours truly that stays anonymous is either chicken shit or not valid because no one can see who I am or what I look like. They’re welcome to that opinion, however even if I was some fat slob, if my advice helps some men get better with women, or gain confidence and start to better their lives, than hey that’s a good thing right? If I could get some people to become better men and better people that’s all good. Never understood the need for infighting in this Men’s club. It’s what chicks do. It’s usually why they were excluded from Men’s clubs because of this kind of behavior.

Game will work for everyone. Bad looking, to good-looking guys, even if they’re Asian. It works for gimps, retarded people, and handicapped people (calm down PC aspies, this is called being tongue in cheek). The thing that game won’t do, is get all of these guys the same level of babe(s) that the other can. A rich confident, social, good-looking guy with some fame will kick every and other type of guys ass in the pick up department. No amount of game from a stubby 4 foot ugly dude with a small penis will be able to compete with him. But he can certainly start pulling some girls, and possibly if he uses game he can maybe even surprise his game-less normal friends. When I got into this blogging thing, this is what game was about. Some where down the line it turned into a prove it, I’m better than you are, that dude isn’t alpha enough, I bang 9’s and you can to and if you can’t you suck at life.

I’m not afraid of this new type of thinking, I think it’s what happens when you get a bunch of guys trying to compete for something, and it’s totally natural. However if we want to stick to truth and reality, which this site has always been about, then we’ve got to admit that some guys will never be the kings of the night life, some guys won’t be the types to cut the line at a night club, and some guys won’t be banging 9’s all the time. This is kind of the baller rapper syndrome. Like the guys who buy bottle service and get a VIP table. I’ve rolled with these guys before. It’s usually a waste of money, and there’s usually hot hookers called later in the night so they don’t have to put up with getting girls the game way. Not everyone is like this, but it’s what’s happened when I’ve done it, from time to time.

Now there’s nothing wrong with these guys, I always had fun with them, I’ve had fun with normal guys out at a pub though too. See there’s game for every type of guy, you don’t have to become some type of ladies man or night club king, to get better with chicks, getting better with chicks for you is what you should be concerned with, and what you want to do with your life and how you want to better it. Game differs for everyone, and there’s room for everyone’s views and blogs on game. Like I said earlier, the things that work for game are pretty well-defined and limited. The rest is your lifestyle and what you want to be. I’ll tell you what though, no matter what level you are on the sexual marketplace, the man who’s more interesting and natural seeming, will always out pull the guy who is lacking these things.

4 thoughts on “Game Differs For Everyone

  1. +100 my dude. The type of game I run as a tall handsome white dude won’t apply to a short brown geeky dude. But the general message of self improvement is one that all men of all shapes and sizes can apply. I didn’t think to myself “i’m 6’2 with a decent face, i dont need to be buff and have money, game is all i need” Not at all. I’ve busted my ass to take my natural gifts and build upon them to become a better version of myself.

    Every dude who reads our blogs can work harder to make more money, lift weights to build muscle and learn a bit of game to bring the whole package together.

  2. Re: why game blogs continue to be popular… I think it’s mainly because game is a lot deeper than it at first seems. It starts out being about chatting-up girls (and will always mainly be about that) but the reasons it works are symptomatic of some big truths about how the world works. And we can talk about that forever.

    Also, there’s a chance women are like bacteria and they adapt to game so it has to change too…. Big hat with goggles don’t work no more.

  3. I enjoy reading them, simple as that. More… It’s a space for men to chew out ideas on the thing that effects us most – women. Work, relationships, seeing my own mother as a woman, etc… There’s incredible diversity as you said – race, politics, religion or not and again etc… Huge diversity of opinion all with little nuggets of gold. I’ve learned to be open minded of that diversity of opinion and feel I’ve learned something. I also like to be reminded of “game” rules too. It evolves and stimulates. Men are good at that. To finish, I’m reminded of a comment by a quantum physics/whatever in Scientific American “whatever you think it is, it probably isn’t” when describing quantum whatever. That’s the revolution.

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