Alpha’s Can Do Whatever They Want

I know there’s been a thousands of posts beating this dead horse of what makes an alpha and a beta, but I haven’t seen one in a while and I wanted to make a definitive classification of an alpha. From my observations in the world, both personal and second/third hand, I have come to understand what the alpha is, and why the world both loves and hates him, why chicks both cream and tingle for, and at the same time cry and scream in mental and emotional anguish. The previous classification that I held as the gold standard was this: An alpha is determined by how many and the quality of women he bangs. It’s pretty good, and accurate, however it’s incomplete.

I ascertain that an alpha is equivalent to a 9 or 10 babe. To truly be alpha, one must be able to do what ever he wants, and still get laid, attract hot babes, etc. For example, in game blogs and the manosphere there is a certain teaching that one must mimic the alpha characteristics on his journey to become alpha… and this is true. The incongruities men find with this line of learning however is when they’re at home playing video games, or waiting for a girl to text back and they’re wondering if they should reply or not, or at the gym, or doing laundry, or laying in bed, or jerking off, and especially just hanging out at home with the guys or say their families. There are times when they just don’t concentrate on being alpha, or see the carrot of pussy dangled in front of them and therefore kind of let it go, or have trouble understanding why they’d need to think about game or be alpha in these scenarios.

Now take a girl whose a 8 or above and think about whether she has to do anything at anytime to try and look attractive or be attractive. Simply anything short of overt disgust like rubbing feces all over themselves is going to have 99% of the male population drooling over them, even in memory fap sessions, I mean she doesn’t even need to leave the house for guys to be horny for her.

The alpha male is the counter part to the super hot babe, at least while she’s under 30. He can literally do anything he wants and still come off cool, fun, interesting, good-looking, strong, etc no matter what he’s doing. The top percentile in our dating pool usually doesn’t even think about anything not going right for them, things just go their way, if it doesn’t something else will make up for it. The only difference between the two is that the alpha doesn’t have to be an 8 or above in looks scale.

The major key to a guy being alpha is his attitude. The attitude is the same, in regards to their sexual market value, as the 8 and above chick. They just don’t simply think about it. However, both the hot babe and the alpha always take care of themselves, even though they don’t worry or stress about it looking good or presenting themselves in the best light, they just do it, almost like it’s genetically programmed into their system.

In order to be alpha you have to be willing to change the way you view yourself and the world, eliminating all insecurities and at the same time being diligent about exercise, becoming more interesting all the time, and looking and dressing the best you can – that with being outgoing, personable, cruel, ego centric yet warm and inviting towards friends and social contacts. Doing this without even thinking about it. Being this without even thinking about it.

Once you reach that level, you can do whatever the fuck you want, and you’ll always be able to get laid and attract babes. It’s work for everyone else.

9 thoughts on “Alpha’s Can Do Whatever They Want

  1. This is so true. Even before I had the red pill paradigm, I thought about this. If you are high value enough, people will forgive you being a dick, not having money, anything. And girls will still want to sleep with you. The key is having your high value niche.

  2. The alpha gets constant reinforcement during their lifetimes. They are offered better jobs, given greater opportunities to succeed. Their opinions are more highly valued. Financial success is a natural and expected outcome for their lives.

  3. If it’s quick sex you want, then the DoF strategy should be your primary focus. The investment required to be dominant over men is significantly more costly than the investment required to display attraction-inducing dominance over women. Game is primarily a DoF-centered strategy (though there are important game concepts dealing with AMOGs — alpha male other guys), but the mastery of game will eventually redound to mastery over other men, because success will women will fill you with confidence that will carry over into all areas of your life.

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