What Turns A Girl On

You may not understand that what turns girls on may vary over a fairly wide spectrum, at least in compared to what guys are turned on by. To get that out-of-the-way, we’re primarily attracted to looks… whatever look we think is hot, that is what turns us on, and that is the largest factor in being turned on, lets say it’s in the 90 percentile for all men. Everything else only adds to how much we are turned on. Let’s say you get have a foot fetish, well you’re not gonna get turned on by any girls feet, she has to be hot first – just as being turned on by something a girl says or does, if said by a fugly fat broad it ain’t gonna turn most men’s crank. Cosmo is the only thing in the world that don’t seem to understand what turns men on. We’re easy to read and easy to turn on, if you’ve got in the looks department, you can and do already turn on 95% of men, just by being hot.

Chicks, broads, dames, however are not quite as simplistic in what turns them on. For some girls, looks are as important as men in what turns them on, this is more common as the sexes become indistinguishable more and more, and rarer in former days – most girls love confidence, dominance and aggression, however feminism and egalitarianism have created a bigger market of chicks who think this isn’t what should turn them on and is even some sort of crime. Some babes love one night stands, some chicks get off on seeing other babes, some girls get turned on by being watched, some girls get turned on just by the fact that every guy is turned on by them… and so on and so on. The spectrum of what turns a girl on even goes wider when you realize that these are not constants… some times what turns her on will actually turn her off depending on her mood… and of course her mood is always her tell. It’s her tell for her horniness as well as everything else that is going on with her in her world.

Game is always presented as a do this, to get the girl, do this to attract the girl, etc. But I always found running good game is being able to pick up on her mood, quickly and early on, or with constant probing (haha I said probing) until you get her mood, and can either ride her kinky slutty mood so you throw her face first against the wall lift her skirt and rip her panties off and fuck her… or lead her mood into something that will get you into a position where she’s turned on enough to put out at some point during the night.

The point is, unless you know her mood, and can manipulate her mood, then chances are you won’t be boning her. I know a lost cause as soon as she’s way too resistant to mood probes and mood ploys. Usually it’s the girls who don’t like teasing and playing, but sometimes she’s just a some feminist bitch who thinks that trying to sleep with her is a crime.

Knowing what turns on a girl, and getting this subtle info about it and her through her mood and her mannerisms while you’re conversing and flirting with her, is the key to closing a girl. In fact, it is the key thing to closing the girl. The quicker and better you are at it, the more direct and quick you can get a bang.

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