LTR Game The Beginning is the Key

If you are a man who’s interested in getting into a long-term relationship, marriage either now, soon, or down the road I’m about to drop the most important aspect of LTR Game that you’ll ever read and need.

The Beginning of the relationship is the key to success.

The most important thing you can do to keep a LTR girl into you starts at the very beginning of the relationship. How you are, your inner game, your solid frame, your masculinity, the ground rules and behavior you set during the first initial meetings, bangings, and relationship is the foundation that the ltr will be built upon. If it comes from a solid frame, all the relationship game you would need down the road is irrelevant if you have a strong frame, strong foundation in your masculinity and male authority going into it.

If you are the guy she tingles for, pines for, lives for, then the only thing you need to do, is maintain this frame for the bulk of the relationship, mixed in with bonding moments and times of empathy, bonding and emotional availability. As long as you don’t regress into being a mushy beta chump, she’ll be as into you 2 or 3 years down the road, or even 10-20.

If you come into the relationship fairly shaky showing signs of weakness, beta behavior or you’ve got oneitis, you’ll need to run constant tight relationship game the rest of the way and the relationship will take a huge toll on you emotionally and mentally.

Game really is about you, it’s less about “tricking” a girl into bed, or using magic to make her attracted to you, and more about becoming a man who attracts women and behaves accordingly and to his own path. The tricks and magic are good for men learning to become this, but you don’t want to get stuck trying to get revved up every weekend, or learning the latest game tricks, or approaching 1000 women just to work on your game for the rest of your life. Learning game should be about getting to a point where you can do as little as possible, and exert as little effort as possible to snag women or have them be attracted to you. Keeping them attracted comes from the same place.

There are no real quick fixes in life. If you want a nice traditional relationship with a girl, you’re gonna have to get to the point where you can handle a girl without even thinking about it.

4 thoughts on “LTR Game The Beginning is the Key

  1. Yup.

    Some of the best advice on getting women is hitting the gym, eating right, learning things, embracing battles, and finding a passion in life. Notice how these things have very little to do with women.

  2. Man, it is sooooo good to see thoughts like these being expressed more and more.

    A mature attitude may yet crowd out the noisy bluster of CONFIDENCE and DARK TRIAD that once shouted itself all over the place.


  3. Can’t say enough praise about the importance of masculine polarity. The reason guys get “shit-tested” and have to be “on” is if she’s trying to figure out if you’re the real deal or not. She can sense some level of incongruence. It’s like how so many guys complain about women not being feminine in North America. No shit, if you’re not bringing the masculine polarity and allowing her to fall into her natural place of submissiveness, she will act out. It’s not even about “game” it’s about trusting your instincts, acting through your own intentions and following your internal compass. Great post.

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