Single Mother Doesn’t Like Him Anymore

A reader writes:

Hows it going ive seem to stuble upon your blog and i really like your blogs i can relate and use some of the tips you give, but i was wondering if you can give me some advice on this girl. We’ve been dating for about 7-8 months not as a couple but just dating. She is a single mother. My question is how do i know if she still feels the same about me?. i feel the love we started with has seem to fade. She doesn’t talk to me as much now, she use to constantly tell me how much she loves me, and recently its just been silent. Have i done something wrong? Should i move on let her go? I’m stumped with no clue what to do. Keep in mind im 23.

Well reader, there’s certainly not good news coming as far as a continuing growing relationship with this girl, you could use game and continue to fuck her for a while, possibly get her back to her tingling ways about you, but I’m going to explain why you should move on and why in the long run, running any game on this chick is a useless endeavor for any long-term gains.

What you are describing here is the prime example of a girl losing interest in you, wait, no interest but horny-ness and pussy tingle for you. You’ve acted either too beta, or she’s found someone who makes her far more horny than you ever have and thus is no longer really interested in you. She doesn’t talk to you as much because she’s most likely talking to some other dude and doing all the things she used to do with you. Her attention has moved from you to another dude.

A single mother, especially young ones, are a major red flag of commitment issues, bad decisions in partners, and a chronic pussy tingle followers. She is the poster girl for hypergamy. Or because she’s been knocked up and left, and if this is the case, a history of this kind of thing, she can no longer have a normal committed relationship. Basically either way this chick is severely damaged goods, and it would be best to give her the walking papers she so desperately wants.

I know as a man you may have an ego that doesn’t want to admit this, or wants to prove that you’re the golden cock that she’s throwing away, and that you can bring that torrent of passion and adoration back into your life, but you’re not. Not because of anything you are or act like, because she’s damaged goods who has issues with men.

I know you may feel this way because as a man I have felt the same thing. It’s simply not worth it. It’s not worth it because if you can step back and look at yourself from a distance you’ll see that pursuing this chick or gaming her is lowering your value more than her dumping you or you admitting defeat ever could. If you truly want to be a pussy slayer or get a decent non damaged chick, you need to walk away and find other chicks or chick singular.

There is no happily ever after with a girl like this. There is only pointless drama and questioning where you stand. No man should ever put up with anything even close to this. Let her drive her life further down into despair and destruction and get the fuck out.

5 thoughts on “Single Mother Doesn’t Like Him Anymore

  1. Yep, solid advice. Agreed on every point.

    Nobody has the golden cock, even pro athletes get treated this way by damaged women.

  2. This is a very fine answer. Been recently involved in a similar situation, she was all over me for a little while, only to find out later – hours before landing on a remote island where I was going on a trip with her – that she was pregnant for another guy. She was already a single mother before getting pregnant for this guy. I felt miserably, I felt trapped, taken advantage of. Back away from people like these, they have no standards whatsoever.

  3. Great thought: “if you can step back and look at yourself from a distance you’ll see that pursuing this chick or gaming her is lowering your value more than her dumping you or you admitting defeat ever could.”

    One can see that so clearly after time has passed and emotions have faded away.

    Also true: “she’s damaged goods who has issues with men.” … men are fixers by default but we can’t fix another person

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