Contrast is Game

Many outsiders to game blogs who may have heard of game, or have some vague concept of game and pick up etc, usually don’t get why and what exactly we are trying to teach men who have no game. They think of it as purely a dark arts magic spell or trickery in order to bang chicks – they just see men who try and learn game are lumped in with the whole pick up artist crowd, for better or for worse, and the blue pill people who’ve heard of this (minus the feminists and white knights) tend to stay away from game blogs because of a misconception or a negative conception.

But as we know, and what the masses don’t understand, and what most beta men and guys who struggle to attract chicks don’t understand is that game is really only a method of contrast. The reason game works is by taking what the vast majority of men do to try to get with chicks, and that is complimenting a girl, cat calls, or trying to be their friends first and a listening empathetic nice guy who’s always there for her, or sheepishly trying to initiate innocent conversations and coming off nervous and/or meek. Game is telling you to do the opposite of all these. And it works because most guys will do all of the above, and when you do the opposite you suddenly stand out from the hundreds of guys that have hit on a girl all day and everyday. It’s simply an attraction from being a contrast.

Now if we were in a world where everyone was running good game, then a man would need to learn the contrast of that majority of pick up or attraction attempts and run though. If everyone was running game, then a good ladies man would be running compliment and cuddle game, and it would be successful, and thus labelled creepy, weird, or manipulative by the masses.

The misconception is odd because the masses would like for the standard compliment and gift giving, nice guy routine to work, but it doesn’t because most guys still go for this routine when trying to attract a girl – and it doesn’t work because girls are the objects of the sexual market place. They are the thing that aggressor or the initiating gender of the sexual market place are after. Men are not as valued on the sexual market place as girls are, and that’s just a fact, and until that fact changes, you will always have men who figure out the best way and method to get what they want.

4 thoughts on “Contrast is Game

  1. I thought that being dominant , c f was supposed to hit a woman’s biological buttons. And that never changes

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