Beta’s Love LTR’s

Many beta men out there suffer from one major hurdle when it comes to girls – not neccessarily in the beginning stages of attraction – that is entirely different, and really not the field for the floundering beta’s. But when it comes to successfully managing a relationship – their betaness kills them on one front, the majority of the time. They give in to their woman’s countless and increasing demands of them.

Beta males are relationship junkies. They like to lock down one woman both because they don’t have to worry (mistakenly) about game and attracting new girls – the old getting out of the dating pool fantasy; the second reason is that they’re usually sappy romantics that treats that relationship and more importantly girl like a saintly goddess for them to wake up to every morning where they can gaze at this wonderful creature and praise the heavens that he’s the one getting this glorious intimate experience with. Of course there is actually nothing more intimate and honest expression a girl can give than she does with 5 minutes with an alpha. That same sweet and honest girl that he thinks is giving him the most pure and honest heart and soul to him would get a soul kill if he saw her around alpha’s. They all act differently.

The Beta male of course does not feel a sense if self worth unless he is in one of these long term relationships. An alpha will actually be uncomfortable in one, because it is contrary to their nature (not that they can’t or don’t have ltr’s). However in a relationship it is just as crucial to understand how girls work – how to maneuver through the minefield that is a female brain.

Beta men in relationships are so afraid to lose this one and only special princess, that they never want to disappoint her – and when she demands or requests from him something, the beta instinctually gives her what he thinks she wants, which is giving her what she’s asking for. These requests or demands can sometimes seem quite small and reasonable to give – i.e. you never kiss me good night, I like being kissed good night – oh the swooning heart of the beta would jump at the chance at fix his errors. Little does he know, giving into this demand on her terms, like every other demand, will lead to more demands and more expectations, up to ones no man could ever give, leading her to resentment for not being able to provide for her the one thing all girls love – the unexpected.

What beta men fail to understand, because they want to make their princess happy, is what actually makes girls happy. Women crave everything. Attention, chocolate, sex, shoes, attention, food, alcohol, drugs, kids, puppies, everything all the time. Giving her all these things just spoils her, and makes her a fat entitled cow that you no longer want to sleep with or please anymore. If you give in all the time, she will not stop craving – she will want more – every girl always wants more.

Of course if you never give her signs of affection or presents that make her feel good, or do nice things for you, then she will eventually leave your cold hearted life. The trick is to give her things on your terms, never when she asks for it, the more she asks the more you playfully decline to give in. Both of these working in tandem keeps her hamster wheel active and spinning, keeping her from a wandering eye or becoming a shrilly bitch intent on keeping an ever growing checklist that you can’t compete and to which she can go to her friends and family and hold up and say, ‘see how bad he was to me?’ and of course being a girl, everyone will take her side.

The more you resist her demands, then surprise her with what she desires when it’s on your terms, the more love and adoration and loyalty you will receive.

One thought on “Beta’s Love LTR’s

  1. Most guys (95%+), by definition, are average. That is – average by looks, status, resources, personality, charisma, style, etc. This naturally means they are not exactly getting much attention from women. When they drop on something – be it an ugly, average, cute or a hot girl – they respond in the idolizing way they see logic to fit. The hotter the girl, the more he will do this. So he will jump through hoops to please her in hope she likes him more, but as explained in this post, it doesn’t work that way in reality. Any guy who doubts this should ask himself one question: do you think the jerks women fell for in their prime years ever gave these girls much in monetary, emotional, time or energy terms? Answer honestly and wonder why….

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