High School Game

I keep getting requests to talk about high school game, I’ve stayed away from it because I haven’t been in a high school in a very long time, and outside the 18/19-year-old babes I’ve been with, I don’t really know what’s changed about high school life, except from the outsider’s perspective of third hand stories.

I have discussed on my podcast how the easiest way to bang girls in high school is to use your social group, or social status, use parties and hang outs etc to use as a tool to get a girl to go with you, or hook up with her at said social events. But this doesn’t seem like enough game strategy for most.

Now part of me (and this goes for all game advice as well) doesn’t want to reveal everything to guys. I’m not one who will say: “say this” to a girl to get her to react, mainly because I believe two things. 1. What I say and how I say it may work for me, but doesn’t always work, and 2. and most importantly, you as a man who wants to learn how to seduce babes need to do some fucking work too.

It’s great that you all have tools that none of us had when we were growing up, like blogs that teach you about the true nature of women, and the art of seduction, but there’s talking about it, analyzing it, and studying it, and then doing it. Frankly nothing I could have every read about seducing a babe would have really helped me out all that much. I learned more from observing others that chicks fell for, or swooned over, and especially I learned from trying. This is the only way, trying, testing out things on girls that will shape and better your game. When you are in high school it’s the perfect time to mess up, especially if you’re in your senior year, chances are you’ll never see those same people again. You’re also young and in no way will you be the same man in 5-10 years, however it’s better to start learning earlier than later.

With that being said, I can give you some pointers. Have a distinct personal style, one that sticks out, preferably with out looking like you’re trying to stick out. Style, perceived personality, looks, and body language are the main things that work outside of social status in high school. Try being the brooding rebel (do young chicks still dig this? they did in my day… wink wink, nudge nudge, no what I mean huh?). Start living your lady-killer, seducer, smooth talking personality, read books that no other kid would be reading, be interested in something exotic, make it your hobby, make it your passion. High school girls eat that shit up, and so do girls in their 20’s and 30’s – the things your passionate about just need to go up in sophistication in your later years.

So moral of the story, get off your ass and talk to babes already.

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