The Donlak Show

Ladies and Gentlemen we present you the first installment of The Donlak Show; a weekly broadcast from the Paradigm Shift Studios.

Starring your host Donlak, and new comer Becky, they discuss issues in the manosphere, in this one, the Mark Minter fiasco; game and lairs, current events and more.

Hopefully you all enjoy it, and any suggestions are welcome in the comments.

Listen here.




5 thoughts on “The Donlak Show

  1. Really enjoyed this! Becky is a great complement to your perspective as well.

    If you can put up a download link in the future, I know that makes it much easier for me to listen (and possibly others), since you have more control than with streaming.

    Looking forward to future episodes. And I’ll try to post more often, haha.

  2. Thanks, yeah I’ll figure out a download option for next weeks show for sure. Glad you liked it, and look forward to you writing more often haha

  3. This is a great and fun listen, looking forward to more in the future. Also, a hearty thanks for the shout out and kind words from both of you.

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