Levels of A-holism

When you first realize that getting women involves running asshole game to some degree (cocky/funny falls into this category) young men who decide to start running asshole game, usually have their levels way too high. The beta who first starts running it runs the risk of blowing himself out with too much prickishness. It’s not something widely discussed, for it seems being the bigger a-hole appears to be the quick go to answer to get girls attracted to you. But like everything, you need to have balance and understand what levels of being a cocky bastard turns women on, especially when some chicks seem to be really turned on by real big assholes.imagesThe degrees where you can be an asshole vary with the types of girls you’re with and how far a long you are in a relationship. Long term relationship, you need to tone it down, and mix in beta game with your day-to-day living, a good mix of being a playful dick and an emotionally accessible man is the key to keeping her on her toes. When you’re looking for a hook up you want to be more cocky/funny than not – however even in that you don’t necessarily want to be a complete dick.

Learning on becoming a man who doesn’t fall for shit tests, games, or other female craziness is tricky because at first you want to blow the whole thing up, but for any man who’s been good with the ladies, and I mean all type of ladies, he’s learned how to connect with girls on a wider range than being just an a-hole.

To be clear, Asshole game works. If you’re a big asshole, you’ll probably get chicks, however it will be only a niche variety chick. If you want to sample all of life’s female pleasures, you’ll want a little finesse and panache in your tool kit. When you first try asshole game, some may find that your social skills deteriorate with the increase of not giving a fuck. Remember being a jerk isn’t attractive in itself, girls are only slightly more complicated than that. You need to be a playful jerk. Hell even convicted serial killers show a side of themselves that make some nutty broads to swoon. The point is, it’s not just about the dangerous man, or the forbidden fruit, it’s about the mysterious underbelly of the bad boy that makes girls go crazy.

Once you begin to understand this powerful dichotomy, then and only then can you fully yield the very powerful asshole game that will garner the most fulfilling results. So remember next time you hear one of your friends whining about how girls always go for assholes, and remember, there’s more to it than that.



8 thoughts on “Levels of A-holism

  1. Levels of A-holism. No apostrophe needed.

    “When you first realize that getting women, involves running asshole game to some degree (cocky/funny falls into this category) and a young men decide to start to run asshole game, his levels are way too high.” No comma after women in first line. Young man, not men. Finally, did you mean to put an adverb like “usually” or “normally” or “often” to modify “way too high?”

    “The degree’s where you can be an asshole…” Again, degrees is merely plural.

    I really like your blog. Your posts deserve a read-through before uploading.

    And, no, the medication is not helping.

  2. You serious? You don’t know? You never go full asshole. You went full asshole man. Never go full asshole. You don’t buy that? Ask me, one week ago, went full asshole at the bar, went away empty handed.

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