The Alpha Bubble

You know who doesn’t complain about feminism, and really doesn’t see it, doesn’t have it thrown at their faces every time they try to act masculine? Alpha’s. Think of some wall street players, you think they have feminism thrust in their face daily? Think they’re even thinking about it as a passing thought? Not likely, because they live in an alpha bubble. Alpha’s are free from the contempt of women.
(outside of public figures who are alpha’s, alpha’s remain unscathed by affronts of feminism.).
I wrote a post that provoked fervor in the sphere about the mistake of men with game throwing out the marriage option carte blanche like because of the modern inherent risks. It made a now well-known Mark Minter get a bigger following when he disagreed with my idea, it now has an 8 page and growing forum at Roosh’s forum. However the arguments against it don’t actually argue my point, the point is, if you are in the Beta bubble, the stats are skewed against you, and if you’re in the alpha bubble, the stats skew in your favor. And since there’s no way to quantify the data to actually show this, then you’ll see the same old divorce rate stats thrown out to prove that marriage for anyone is a bad deal.
Nothing is out of reach or dangerous in the alpha bubble. The alpha’s only real danger is becoming to much of an uncaring bastard that he loses all his humanity producing a man who can no longer empathize and take full control over situations and understand girls.
What happens for average people and the rules they follow does not apply to the rules of the upper dating classes.
Game became popular because it allowed the plebs of the dating world a glimpse into the alpha bubble, and it was designed to open dating literacy mug like the printing press was used to open general literacy among the peasant masses. The downside to both is that just because you can show people a world, doesn’t mean they’ll fully understand it, or be able to elevate themselves to it. Sure there will be some, and perhaps in generations it may grow, but for the now, not many can fully break the shackles of their beta lives.
Much of feminism has been to reduce the power of the beta bubble that had a good hold in society and it’s effectively been burst. They of course may want burst the alpha bubble, but it just looks far too elusive to get close enough to burst it.
The different bubbles in the segregated dating world rarely interact thus limiting the bursting of the alpha bubble. It still floats above the rest, almost imperceptible  through the cloudy make up of the lower ranked bubbles.

9 thoughts on “The Alpha Bubble

  1. Good post. Dont be too beta or too alpha. Balance it in favor of more alpha. This coupled with the use of your brain you should be able avoid most of the pitfalls in dating world and “marriage” world. I put it quotes b/c it would be wise not to sign that legal contract that binds you to her and the state. You never know what could happens so its best to have all your bases covered.

  2. well in some states (i believe) and in canada signing a paper doesn’t mean anything. If i were to live with a girl for 6 months she can get half my stuff. So it’s a must to learn game to be with chicks.

  3. I remember the marriage article you wrote, the comment section got ugly quickly, but the discussion had to happen. You make a good point about men with alpha qualities largely missing the degenerative effects of militant feminism, but I myself am still undecided about the modern incarnation of marriage.

  4. “Are you telling me that I’ll be able to dodge bullets?”

    “I’m telling you that, when you are ready, you won’t have to.”

    Alphas don’t dodge bullets…they never put themselves in circumstances where bullets would materialize

  5. Gentlemen,
    this is John Rambo, Anti-Feminist Soldier. I am posting this on behalf of Peter-Andrew: Nolan© also now known as Joschua-Brandon: Boehm©. I am doing this because, as a young men who knows Peter well, I know he has our best interests at heart.

    It is well known that five years ago, April 2008, I spent a month suicidal as I went through the process of disowning my former children. When I came out of that rather unpleasant experience I contacted other men who had been similarly affected. I realized that many men were killing themselves because of the criminal abuse of the family law courts all across the western English speaking world.

    As a direct result of this experience, and my compassion for my fellow men, I made a vow in June 2008 to re-introduce the rule of law into Australia and Ireland. Naturally, at the time I made the vow I had no idea how that might be done. We call it “throw your hat over the wall”. You make the vow and “figure it out later”.

    Along the way I have talked to many tens of thousands of men, perhaps as many as 100,000 men have seen at least one comment by me one way or another. What I heard from men in 2008 was that they were DESPERATE for a remedy for the crimes being committed against them in the family courts. They were DESPERATE to find a way to end the criminal effects of feminism on their lives. Because so many men told me the same thing I mistook this to mean they actually WANTED to solve the problems of the family courts and feminism. As I said. My mistake.

    Through very extensive research and labour, and collaborating with the best and brightest, the remedy for both the family courts and feminism was proven on 2009-11-26. A mere 18 months after I was suicidal. The court meeting that I did on 2009-11-26 I regard as one of the finest achievements of my life. Regardless? The very men I risked my life to create a remedy for have ignored that remedy, preferring to whine, bitch, moan and complain because that is far more rewarding to them than actually solving their problems. If they solved their problems they would have nothing to whine, bitch, moan and complain about.

    The remedy has now been available 2.5 times as long as it took to develop and has proved uniquely unpopular. I am hated for even talking about it. The blood of every man who kills himself due to criminal abuse in the family courts is on the hands of those perhaps 100,000+ men who have heard from me and done nothing. I did all I could. They did not. It is actually very simple.

    The mechanism for men to free themselves now is the Mens Business Association. The MBA provides individual based services to get men out of the control grid. Such services may well save the mans life from suicide. Going forward? It is necessary to create second economy outside the control of any government entity. Why criminals in governments can dominate and control men via the economy they will continue to do so. There is no reason for them to stop. The MBA is the proposal of a second economy outside the control of the government. This is a NECESSARY ingredient for men to live in freedom.

    Only a small percentage of men will want to live in freedom. Those men who want to live in freedom? You are invited to watch a short update on how we are going in our efforts to get the second economy going. Naturally? The second economy will grow just as quickly or slowly as men join in and contribute to it. Those who want to “stick with the government run economies”? You are welcome to do so. I wish you luck with that because you are going to need it.

    best regards

    your brother peter

  6. It is better to have game in a marriage than to not have game, but it is no assurance of anything.

    Go ahead. Get married. See what happens.

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