Snapchat Game?

If you are a younger man, or a man who’s actively dipping into the young 19-23 year old pool of chicks, then you’ve probably heard and/or are using snapchat. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s an app for your phone that allows you to send pictures that last on the receivers phone for a very short time, which does not allow the user to save the pictures – obviously instagram, twitter, and facebook were not enough for the little attention diva’s who are now growing up and they needed a new tool to garner much-needed attention from the men.

Here’s a funny how to video of gaming chicks on snapchat, there’s some good stuff in there even though it’s clearly a joke, and I hope that all of you wish to learn how to game a girl not into just getting some nude pics to jerk off to, but to actually close the real deal with them. None the less, it’s a good chuckle.

If any of you have used snapchat, I’d love to hear your stories or tricks, things to avoid, thoughts on it as a useful tool, etc. Leave some comments.

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