Good-Looking Game Refined

Adriiian writes in reference to my post about being good-looking:

Man, I’m afraid I fall into the 2nd type, I could easily be the next George Clooney. This actually sucks. I’m rarely get compliments from women, but I see the looks. I’m 6’3, dark brown hair, blue eyes. I invited a girl over, she says “maybe,” just because she doesn’t want to be a slut, and I’m fine with that, but I’m not looking for a relationship, I’m only looking for a fuck buddy. Honestly, I’ve never told a girl that for the fear of being mean, but should I just say it? No strings attached? Nothing serious? More direct like in your article?

Help me out donlak. I wish I was fucking delusional, but I’m not, I see what I am, and it’s a fucking 9.9. I was blessed with these genetics, but the downsides, oh man, you don’t wanna hear about the downsides.

Not many guys will have much sympathy for men like Adriiian, and I have no reason to doubt that he’s as good-looking as he says he is, but a great deal of men may cry bullshit, they don’t understand the plight of the attractive high value man who seems to be able to cross niche’s and be attractive to all nationalities and classes. I doubt very few men have the experiences as Adriiian has described, where you’re 99% sure a girl thinks your hot and wants you, but when you make any sort of move towards her she acts indifferent, bitchy, nervous, ect. Or when things are going good with a girl and you invite her back to your place and she flakes, not because you ran bad game, but just for some odd random reason that comes out of nowhere, making you wonder where you went wrong, and even believing the myth that good-looking guys have more leeway with making mistakes with babes then average men. Most men just don’t understand.

Take the average bitchy, overstimulated, over sexed, entitled american girl and watch her around a man like this and you’ll see a transformation of character worthy of a Mary Shelley novel. She’ll act feminine and cute and nice,  or she’ll sink into her chair of self-doubt and insecurity. I don’t care what woman you’re talking about, there is a man or men out there that can bring out her true natural scared shitless feminine nature. It is in a girl’s nature to doubt themselves worthy enough of something they actually think is worth getting. See the problem with our women in the west is that they have so many options and had so many sexual partners and orbiters that few men will seem exotic, exciting or interesting enough for them to lose their shit over. Supply and demand.

As for you Adriiian, as you ask about what you should do about your situation of wanting fuck buddies and no strings attached – in your situation I would say absolutely not, unless the girl has shown herself to be open to such a thing, or you feel like she’d be down with it. If you bring this up, she’ll only think you’re a player and that she’s not special. Remember girl’s insecurity and everything they do is all based on this one fundamental truth to women: They are afraid of not being special.

What you should do, and I have to warn you, this is more of a dark side of the force way of gaming chicks, and you’ll need to clear your conscious, but in order to get what you want in your situation you’re left with little choice. What you need to do is never bring up any definitions of any sort of relationship. You need to be emotionally distant after sex, and always ask or insinuate that she should leave. You need to be hard-core about never initiating conversations with any girl you’ve slept with, merely texting her about sex or meeting up for sex, with nothing else discussed about your outside life. You can listen to her, but always seem disinterested and change the topic when you can. If you’re picking up girls or gaming them to fist sleep with them, you want to show your natural charm, interests and humor, without being direct – this is how you hook her, she’ll think you’re genuinely interested in her, and she’s not just another girl you plan on blasting and dumping. But you must follow this up with quick lays and never, never actually say you want a relationship, with her or any girl. Avoid the topic, dance around it, you can insinuate you want one, but never say it. After you’re having sex when she brings it up, and she’s hooked, just tell her you’re not looking for anything serious, but you think she’s cool, so you don’t want to do anything to mess it up. Do not start letting her take little things that signify a relationship with you, i.e. convincing you for her to sleep over after sex, dinner dates, movie dates, any date that doesn’t revolve around sex first, second and third. Wanna watch a movie after sex, cool, but bang her again and send her packing. Basically you want them to think they can get you, but then deny them at every turn until they realize it’s not going to happen, and then move on to the next one.

For the one main advantage, you as a good-looking high value man, has over other men, is that you have way more of a pool of women that want you before you even open your mouth as every other man. Once you learn the subtle ways to hook and start directing her to sex, you will enjoy a healthy harem and sex life. Just don’t let it go to your head, speaking from experience, you start to get lazy and start getting to direct and too emotionally cold. Always check yourself and remind yourself that you’re just enjoying life’s fruits, and these are still people who become very dependant on your acceptance. Never be an asshole when you’re telling them to get out, never be an asshole when you’re ditching them, always be infuriating nice but solid in your frame of no relationships and no attachment. Follow my advice and you can have a happy life of multiple ongoing trysts.

6 thoughts on “Good-Looking Game Refined

  1. I consider myself good looking. Better looking when I actually get into decent shape.

    However I don’t consider the dark art of banging chicks and always being distant a solid long term strategy. I’d go too ‘Roosh’ and lose my soul after 100 girls. I keep getting myself into a trap of getting into a relationship and then getting bored once the honeymoon period runs out.

    I feel like banging a bunch of girls and mini-relationships and cyclical for me. Thoughts?

  2. “Lose my soul.” Yeah, I’ve seen that. That’s why I call them the Lost Boys of the Manosphere, when they fall for that Roosh/Roissy/Dark Triad/Alpha nonsense. Every guy I know who’s slept with a lot of women – say 100 – has lost his soul. He’s ruined his life. That’s why in the past they were called cads, not “Alphas.” And there was nothing admirable about them at all. There still isn’t.

  3. I’m no George Clooney, but I relate to what he’s saying. It took me years to figure out what was going on. It’s unsettling to have girls be so hot/cold to you, avoiding eye contact, being super bitchy, or alternately very sweet. There’s obvious looks of desire, pupils dilating, and totally erratic behavior. And this with very little conversation usually. In my experience, girls from other cultures, while sometimes shy, are usually more on the side of shy and demure around attractive men, rather than going into bitchy/defensive mode. Of course, that’s a massive generalization.

    As to the way to handle it, I haven’t specifically tried Donlak’s approach. I’ve generally just either given them my number, or exchanged with them, then see if they completely freak out/flake out when we make contact.

  4. The never be an asshole part is key, most men gloss over that while employing the rest of your advice. Being better looking than her is assholish enough in her mind.

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