Would You Marry?

The marriage laws have been warped into a disadvantageous and dangerous endeavor for any man to take on these days – and there’s a strong opinion online that men should stay away from marriage because of the inequality and ability to be “raped” in divorce court, lose any and all custody and visitation rights to their children etc. However, is this really the reason not to marry? Bare with me.

Let’s take out, hypothetically, that the laws are skewed towards women in divorce courts. Once we have removed it, what do we have left, the bare bones of whether we would marry or not. I know the easy answer you think will be is of course yes. But is it really?

Are any of you guys out there really that stoked to get married in the first place, that removing this major obstacle is going to fulfill some childhood dream where you fantasized about seeing your bride walk down that aisle while you waited for her? Would you instantly swoop up any chick just to lock her down because it’s now safe too? Or would you look at the market place with the same view as you did with the overt biased divorce laws still in existence?

Take away the threat of losing half or most of your shit, the overwhelming desire to not marry should still be the fact that their isn’t an abundance of marriageable chicks, even in a perfect lawful state. When you interact with chick after chick, and crazy experience after another, would you just want to jump in with some chick just to say you were married? Hell let’s put in some incentive in there, say you’d get an extra 50 thousand bucks to get married, would you still find a lot of girls you’d be happy to spend the rest of your life with? I doubt it.

In many ways I still don’t see the argument of divorce laws being the reason you don’t get married. If you actually find a good one, that is actually a feminine, wholesome, empathetic girl, then the laws don’t matter as long as you have game at your disposal and keep her interested in the marriage, and the laws don’t matter in selecting a wife if you take into account these things in a mate. The choice shouldn’t be about not getting married at all, it should be is there any chicks left that are worthy of marriage. And that is the crux of game. Is any girl worthy of riding my dick, or getting me to commit.

The roles have reversed in the sexual market place, we’re no longer the hunters anymore, we’re the one’s who need to act aloof, indifferent and uninterested – we’re the one’s that need to run game to build attraction, we’re the ones that are being sought for commitments, be he alpha for her deepest desires, or beta for her security blanket. We’re the commodity now, not them. Yes girls on the surface are more in demand, they always will be, because of biology, but in terms of how you get chicks, the roles have reversed. A girl who plays hard to get now is not doing herself any service if she wants a servicing, and a man playing easy to get only looks desperate.

With the removal of slut shaming, girls now have no risk (outside their physical safety) in the dating world. Since no one’s allowed to judge them anymore, and men judged like we’re in the Spanish inquisition, men have more to risk in any dating interaction, with things like false rape, harassment, etc. should the girl not find you attractive and you miscalculate gaming her, or send her one too many texts or emails, or online messages. You’re balls are ultimately in women’s hands with every interaction. Of course it’s alpha to not care about any of that and just plow through it, because that in itself is dangerous nowadays.

So, with the state and society behind them, datable and marriageable girls have become like unicorns – most of us think they’re just a made up fantasy from someone. But if you found a unicorn, would you marry her?



22 thoughts on “Would You Marry?

  1. it is too tempting if you haven’t been married before. We (as in males) are after all bred to please, the benefit being the privilege of “leaving your seed behind”. Thus fulfilling this physiological need. I would encourage every male out there contemplating the blackmail or manipulation into producing a marriage proposal, to go through with it. In a relatively short period of time, the fires of hell (marriage) will beat this desire out of you and you will never wonder “what if”, ever again., And to boot, you will laugh at the stereotypical depletion’s of marriage, couples and lovers, in mass media as being completely false.

    Once realization has set in and the wounds healed, regardless of age, you will start to enjoy nailing pussy. In whatever ways that turn you on.

    Just like the Unicorn, the existence of a marriageable woman is doubtful.

  2. The only reason I would consider getting married is to raise a child with a woman.

    And the longest amount of time I’ve ever spent dating a girl is 10 months so I can’t even imagine spending 10/20/30/40 years with her.

  3. Most men equate marriage with a woman’s lifetime fidelity, because that’s why the institution was created. Women get resources, men get parental certainty (or at least drastic punishments for infidelity), and society gets stable homes with more well adjusted kids.

    Today men don’t get anywhere near the enforced fidelity compared to woman’s enforced resources. And it’s foolish to bet against the house with such bad odds, but as casinos prove, a lot of men still love to play a losing game.

  4. I would probably marry my gf if she stays off pills for a few more months; consider, however, that she isn’t even half my age (50 v. 22)

  5. [...] Are any of you guys out there really that stoked to get married in the first place, that removing this major obstacle is going to fulfill some childhood dream where you fantasized about seeing your bride walk down that aisle while you waited for her? Would you instantly swoop up any chick just to lock her down because it’s now safe too? Or would you look at the market place with the same view as you did with the overt biased Source: Paradigm Shift   [...]

  6. I think your right, the wailing against the injustice of divorce and the ‘quality’ of modern women is often just a bluff to hide the fact that a lot of men simply don’t want to get married.

    Now that the social stigma is waning a lot of men will gladly opt out.

  7. kleyau’s right when he says “men don’t get anywhere near the enforced fidelity compared to woman’s enforced resources”.

    To a woman, a marriage license is simply a license to do what ever she pleases without consequence.

    “Not try to please my man? Of course. Get fat? Of course. I no longer need to try, remember? Have an affair? If the mood takes me, sure, why not? What will you do, divorce me? I think not.”

    Marriage does not equal stability. The most stable relationship I’ve seen is my friend’s parents. They are unmarried. He is an international business man. She is the homemaker – and she is damn proud of it. She dotes on him. She knows she always needs to try and keep him happy.

    Basically, anything which begins with you getting down on your knees and grovelling to a woman? It will not end well.

  8. Whn you’ve lost a woman, she is gone forever, by which I mean that the tingle is gone forever.

    The traditional reason not to get married is the statistical certainty that she will lose that tingle and you will be stuck with her. Humans do not mate for life like tortoises so this will come no matter how much you game her or whatever. Do you know how women who aren’t attracted to you can blowout you after you try to pick them up? No imagine being stuck with somebody who feels that way about you.

    The current reason not to get married is the second order effects of the anti-male divorce courts. It isn’t just that the lawyers, judge, and your wife will rape you in court, but that all of society will cheer them on as they do so. Remember when Jessica Simpson got married and put her marriage on TV? Every women’s magazine was digging up dirt, airing every little fight/dispute egging them on until they divorced. Actually rooting for the divorce.

    And anytime in the marriage that you have a fight about anything, you have to know that your wife not only has to press the button and you get raped, but that all of society will cheer her on when she does so. Thing is, many of these fights are healthy for the relationship, they are shit tests for her to see if you still have the manly spine of the guy she married. It is lose lose for you: stand up for yourself piss her off and get raped in court, or give in, lose her tingles and get raped in court.

    Today’s women know that they don’t have to commit to anything when they get married: it is just a big wedding party that they can star in, and they can get out at anytime they want with cash and prizes.

    In summary: marriage

    1) is not naturally permanent
    2) Ends with you getting raped
    3) the end is encouraged by society
    4) results in less leverage during the marriage ,
    5) which makes the relationship more likely to break up
    6) and women know this, which means that you may not be getting commitment when the marriage is entered into.

  9. Obscurantism! Is the best word to describe relationships. Whole business sectors are devoted to it. Follow the money.

    This word was used by Emiliano Zapata (unverified) and has a long history reaching back to Europe (according to Wikipedia). Mexican heroes are an ongoing favourite of mine for what they managed to achieve. There is only one man, in the long and great history of the US of A, that managed to invade and occupy it. And, they say he left because he got bored.

  10. “Ignorance and obscurantism have never produced anything other than flocks of slaves for tyranny…” E.Z.

  11. I enjoyed this and your previous post months ago on how the manosphere seems to have a prevailing message of ‘don’t get married, it’s fucking stupid. Be ye idiots all who enter into marriage.’ I’ve said this before, but your frame of thought seems like it’s on a whole different level from a lot of other manosphere blogs. I’ve been thinking about this response for a while, provoked in large part by that earlier post of yours but haven’t yet posted it, so here it is:

    I think marriage is one of the areas where the manosphere is hypocritical. We say ‘Women better stay off the cock carasoul or they will get addicted to alpha cock.’ (See Dalrock.) But what about the other side? As a guy who understands and has game, once you’ve fucked a lot of slutty girls, how easy is it going to be for you to accept the fact that you actually found a quality girl who refuses to let you fuck her in the ass and then come on her face, (at least until after marriage, heh)? That she actually only gives it up in relationships, and isn’t a gold digging whore? No, you are going to be more untrusting of her, and at the same time you will be chasing the hot young pussy dragon just the same as a female slut is trying to sit on alpha cock. And how many players out there, if they so chose to priotize legacy over fucking, could eventually lock down a real, quality girl by directing their pursuits and self development to add value, and not just game slutty club girls who we just want to titty fuck and then tell them to get the fuck out of our apt after our dicks have been served?

    Here is the question that the manosphere avoids: What about your fucking legacy?

    A point that is seldom made in the sphere is that yes, as a man something that is also important is the legacy you leave of your sons and daughters. Generally speaking, you are the manliest of the men in the manosphere the more girls you have been with.

    Newsflash, there are real girls of quality and many of the smart ones are able to see through bullshit of lotharios. These girls don’t want a guy who’s been with 100’s of girls. No, you are not going to find a virgin 10 who loves to do your laundry, suck your cock and make sandwiches for you 24/7, but you can find someone attractive and solid who you can create a life with. It will probably be more work to have hot sex with her, and yea if you are an alpha you are going to have to take a pass on some pussy (the morality of cheating is a whole other post for you, I think), but you can do it.

    Or maybe I’m just dating a unicorn and am young as shit (26) and need to lose all my shit in a divorce so I REALLY understand what the fuck some commenters keep spouting off about.

    I’m not saying this is necesarily easy, either, for me or anyone. It’s a girl’s sexual imperative to fuck hot alphas and golddig, and it’s a guy’s to keep a slampiece in every port.

    Well now, this turned into quite a lengthy rant. I’ve generalized a bit here about the manosphere, but I’ll let that go for now. I might even post this on my own blog.

  12. Gosh, I know it is pretty scary to think of getting married.

    I understand, I had cold feet right up until the wedding day. The day we put our money together was completely tough for me I had been a strong independent woman taking care of herself for so long (I was 34 when I married). So what made it okay for me (a woman?). Well it was a risk for sure. It may still not end up working out, who knows really what the future holds.

    Two things made me jump into the institution of marriage:
    1. Tuesdays With Morrie – that book you know. There is a place where Morrie says, if you never marry and never have children you will miss out on two really big places where there is love. (I’m paraphrasing).

    2. A great man who had lived a long and admirable life said, “There are some things you will never know until you try them for yourself.”

    So while everyone who has ever been divorced could say, “Hey I’ve tried marriage and it’s not for me”, really all they can really say is that they have tried marriage with the person they were married to, not someone else, not everyone in the world.

    I’ve been married almost 10 years now. Wouldnt change that, even on the bad days.

    I believe in hope.

  13. The risk that it wouldnt work out. That I’d get taken. That I’d waste some of those precious years of my youth with someone who wasnt worth it. That I’d have picked badly and he wouldnt be a good husband or father. You know, all the usual pain packaged up into a relationship. Does that answer your question? I think there is always a risk in marriage, we are always taking a big chance with that step.

  14. Come on donlak, you are smarter than that. Hit me back sweetheart. Are you that speechless?

    Okay fine, I’ll go and leave you alone with your games and your blog now.

    I would never have even looked at such a blog like this had a player (married, two kids) not tried to get at me the other day.

    It was all very smooth. He was astonishingly talented. I had to consult with my advisors (not girlfriends sitting around trying to make each other feel better, but people I have known and trusted for years).

    This wanna be alpha male (I cant catagorize any man who is not emotionally healthy as a true alpha male myself) was so talented at his work that it makes your games look like elementary school.

    I’m talking about a man with legions of women lusting after him while pretending to be good wives and mothers. I’m talking about married people making hidden passes at each other.

    His smouldering look was just an instant too long and he didnt look away embarrassed as a non-womanizer would have.

    Otherwise, it was post-doctoral gaming and I can easily see how and why his routine had worked for him for so long.

    I found this blog because I was looking for answers, looking to remember what I once knew about men and their goals.

    I see things are still the same. That some folks still really miss the meaning, dont want their blanket of denial to be ripped off them.

    Best of luck to you, I hope you find all the best women to mess with for years and years. Goodbye.

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