There Is One Thing That Makes Me Support Feminism

That is the right of individuals to think it, talk about it, publish it, and live it. Even though I think it’s 99% bullshit and does more damage than it does any good (like other cults or religions) I still support freedom of all people, because I like to be free to express my thoughts an opinions. People these days seem to regard freedom like a right for themselves but a liscense that can be revoked when it doesn’t agree with their views and beliefs. Feminists are the biggest culprits of this, and why I find what they are as dangerous… and yet, I still support their freedom.

The problem with feminism had never really been feminists, they’re all social outliers and rejects for the most part, glomming onto feminist lies like fat is beautiful, all men want to rape you, etc. And in themselves irrelevant to society that used to shun such outliers. Feminism at its very core is something I wouldn’t abhor, however it has morphed into a hate group, witness it any time you critique women or any “feminist” and watch the blood boiling anger and hate unleash on you. It’s no wonder because feminism was based on a victim mentality, that all women were victims, and this the biggest victims, the social rejects, ugly, awkward, unsuccessful, bitter and angry hijacked this movement a long time ago, and even started it, in an attempt to get some power where there was none.

Feminism in its hijacked form allows women to believe in false empowering memes like fat is beautiful and other such biologically and socially un-truths – which like any cult it preys on the weak, makes them feel stronger with numbers and
gives them the courage to lash out at the non-believers, much like religion does to fundamentalists.

Any belief system can be hijacked by nut jobs and insane people regardless of how well intentioned the beliefs are or seem to be and critique of these beliefs is paramount. I also believe in the freedom of myself and greater society to be able to speak out against them without our freedoms being imposed upon. Freedom of speech means you must endure things that you don’t agree with or even disgust you. Anything else is tyranny.

But men like to protect victims, it seems to be wired in our DNA, the feminist movement convinced our society that all women are victims, yet they are our supposed equals. The reason you don’t see females rising to any sense of equality is not the patriarchal boogeyman, but because it’s been hijacked by victims, and victims are vulnerable and angry and with that cannot act in rational sensical ways.

It will always remain so until society stops accepting its victim status, and mainly the male white knight supporters who have propped up this unhealthy version of was once a rights movement. Until then it will remain a hate group.

Attack me all you want feminists, when you do all the above will be proven accurate.

8 thoughts on “There Is One Thing That Makes Me Support Feminism

  1. Freedom is not fixed. We test our ideas and behaviors in life and in a free market type of ecology the best ideas and behaviors win, as they should for freedom. I don’t believe socially inept outliers could possibly transform a superpower on their own initiative. I think fiat money makes all things possible but freedom because access to the new money becomes all merit. The No-Ma’am blog has some interesting history on the destruction of family by feminists:

  2. Freedom of speech is the most important quality in a society. It exposes the wrongs and rights of both sides of an argument. Like the eugenics movement of the late Victorian era, feminism (like many other ideas today) will take a long time to go. Like many other crazy beliefs – flat earth anyone. These ideas are so ingrained in the intellectual majority that the dissonance will not allow someone to change their minds. Regardless of empirical evidence. A person can always find some kind of evidence to support their ideas. They will shut out those that make sense but disagree with them.

  3. It is very much like a religion. Feminism is composed of ideologies and dogma, just as religion. And the ones who shriek “Misogyny!” at every imagined slight are not much better than Muslims who march in the streets carrying signs that say “Behead those who insult Islam” after someone draws a comic or films a movie. Who you challenge their ideology, you are challenging the person they believe themselves to be at their very core. Nobody likes losing who they are or examining themselves in uncomfortable ways.

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