Social Conditioning Is Unavoidable

There is no such thing as not being socially programmed by society. Namely your society you were raised in. Unless you were born in the wilderness and managed to raise yourself with no help from anyone or even wolves, could you say you have not been influenced by society. I say this because the most maddening and overlooked flaw to the gender neutralists and pansy nanny state types, swlp’s and political correct nazi’s are that even their attempts to make things equal and nice, as if it could ever be, is the same thing that they’re trying to hoist up as evil. Social conditioning is evil! Evil! The problem with counter-culture is that it needs the culture to exist. If you were to make everything sterile like some militant people are trying to do, I’m looking at you Sweden… then you would just have a counter-culture that says boys should play with the toys he wants to play with and girls are allowed to pretend to be princesses, and not be tied to the matriarchal decree that boys and girls should play with generic toys that offer nothing to their development, and even stunting their emotional and mental and self-esteem development.

If any of you have had the pleasure of reading through OKcupid profiles, sat through an early date, sat beside at a bar, or stuck in a conversation with one of these female’s that have half-shaved heads, odd colored hair, horn rimmed glasses of some sort, obnoxious tattoo’s, “nontraditional” chicks – then you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Sadly their arguments about a mythical patriarchal boogey man is really at least 20 years too late. Tradition went by the wayside after the hippies moved back into society and realized half the shit they thought was stupid and forgot, yet that hippy generation, early feminism, softened our society over the next few generations, till we get to the part of our world now, that being “normal” is not only a subtle unknowing rebellion or counter-culture, but has started to become conscious and even entrenched in enforcing its relevance to society. Also you will know how stupid they sound, how childishly naïve they speak about how society shaped “your old sexist view points.” – they basically call you evil or stupid because you let society tell you how you should think, when that’s exactly what they are doing as well. They argue and complain, and bitch about the wrong thing, and use their own arguments against themselves. Their logic is flawed. It must be the lack of testosterone that goes into this type of thinking.

Feminism and gender neutralism is a lie, just like everything else in the world was and is, and will be. There is always a society of people who want their ways to be the way things are and pressure the rest of the people in world to behave in a certain way. That’s how societies work. That’s the rub of being human, you can’t escape the fact that you are a product of your environment – and all of this encompasses our environment. Whether you want to pretend you aren’t affected or influenced about it, or not, you still always will be – and your prejudices and beliefs will be because of this environment. It’s ever so ironic, that the irony loving hipsters can’t understand this basic tenet of life.

When ever someone uses the argument or lashes out with accusations like: misogynist! Sexist! etc. They are essentially insulting themselves, for they’re the same thing that they’re attempting to criticizing. You don’t want to be controlled by what you think misogyny wants you to, you want to control how we think. It’s not about being free, as allowing others to think and behave how they want is the definition of freedom, it is about control. And as long as the accusations of a make believe boogey man still is accepted by everyone, the longer we get away of real societal self critique. If you want to look at gender roles, and things we should be changing to better our society, you need to do so with the full understanding of humanity, and we need to understand what is important for a child’s full development, and as long as we’re still arguing like adolescents, I don’t think we’re even close to that yet. If ya think ya got a quick answer for society, I got news for you, you’re wrong.


9 thoughts on “Social Conditioning Is Unavoidable

  1. I can understand why (misguided) people would believe in the modern failure that is feminism, but gender neutralism is bewildering. How can fathers sit there and look at their young sons in dresses and playing with dolls? As a man how can that make you feel proud? If an adult man want to wear a dress be my guest, but please don’t drag your innocent children who trust you for guidance into this. Unfortunately, people like us who question these bizarre practices are treated as ignorant small minded bigots by the politically correct (but morally broke).

  2. It is sad that children are not developed into actual adults. The wasted years of development potential by sheltering knaves. However, there is one quick answer, once it gets started. It momentarily accelerates evolution into spurts called revolution, though the results vary with the civilized quality of the winners. The swiping out of dinosaurs led to a rapid, uncontested rise of mammals. Sometimes conquest is intentional and can be done effectively. The continental United States was settled in European style in seemingly record time, and why?, how? The German state. William the Conqueror in 1066 prior to the Magna Carta, the English Civil War and Glorious Revolution, the fruits of which we enjoy. The Mongol Horde. The Islamic Golden Age. Alexander the Great preceding the Greek enlightenment that actually had a grasp of scientific philosophy and thought (Epicureanism).

    Conquest is not always civilized. Conquest is a tool the same as a gun. The rot is not recoverable except in the recycling we dare not identify but that nature counts upon with mundane certainty. We have been conditioned. Once we start treating women, and ourselves, like sexual pieces of meat consistent with the laws of nature and our intrinsic value and function, we think we are alphas, real men who stand tall. We don’t know the half of it, but someone will figure it out if and when the time comes that nature demands it. If the winners win from having the right stuff by serendipity and not philosophy, Western civility and sophistication will again be set back hundreds or thousands of years. Men are logical and women are not precisely because natural selection was harsher on men than uterus-endowed women.

    If we don’t tend to the gene pool properly, and the meme pool properly, we get social regression with the societal. That tattooed, hair dyed, liberated rebel chick with the Skrillex do…just a colorful contestant and case in point in our race to the bottom. There will be a bottom as surely as consumption requires production. When we hit bottom, it will change things quickly enough.

    How soon is a separate question. I don’t think we are close to hitting bottom either, if that was the tacit or unthinkable inference. Sometimes I think how our hapless, frustrated lives (for plenty of us) will be reduced to a couple of paragraphs in a history text, like has been done a hundred times before. The old reciprocity is gone. A new one will win the day, and friendship will have political meaning once again, and be corrupted for an elite advantage over fellow producers made tax farm slaves once again. I would live under the rule of a citizenry of philosopher-kings if I could, taking my share of course. That is friendship. Everything else is an impotent imitation for peons.

  3. You know, pal ?
    Your picture of reality is black.
    Bad luck – mine too. Shit happens.
    What to do under circumstances ?
    Live own life, I dont see other option.

  4. My assessment is dark, but you living your own life, that is powerful. If you choose your relationships, your friendships, your transactions, that is ultimately a political statement. A ONS is a political statement just like cashing in on a divorce. Social power is political expression. It’s darkest before the dawn because people don’t make light unless they have to. Playing it safe has been exhausted for some of us, and soon it will be for everyone. Read about the fall of the Roman Republic, and you will see that we haven’t seen anything yet.

    I hope to find riches in friendship with like-minded men and put up a good fight in this race condition called life. We delude ourselves to suppose we ever had another option, another path to our fulfullment and well-being. You can’t avoid being in the Game. Killing men’s clubs was a big deal in killing men’s friendships and political vitality. The Manosphere is a big deal. I just wish we (to include myself) could integrate in real life. I think we ought to coalesce and work together like autonomously minded Jews in a heathen land to the extent we can and expand as future void permits. If you don’t fill the void, someone else will. That’s the plan. That’s life. Traditional reciprocity is dead and betas don’t know it. Find the cheese elsewhere or have no cheese.

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