What To Do On Valentines Day

Now I’m aware of how ill timed my advice to anyone going into valentines day this is, as it’s late into the day, but I’d thought I’d give some advice anyhow – besides this can be re-read next year. The damn day just won’t go away.

I find it amusing that so many guys out there still continue to prop up this day by getting stressed out and insisting into a girls – nay – all girls frame by doing anything on valentines day. And I mean anything. I see guys struggling hopelessly to get something for their special princesses – over heard some poor sap complain that he just wants to not fight about the day with his wife as he was throwing stacks down on flowers. Wow, would i want to kill myself if i was trapped in a relationship like that. It’s all baffling to me because I’ve never existed in that world, and i’ve been with quite a few women, and quite a few long term relationships and not once have I done anything on the day that shall not be named. It is in fact, completely lame to crumble into this frame. Even lamer is the sex and blow job day some men have tried to get going to appear manly. Well any and every day should be steak and bj day if you decide it to be so.

ButI do however understand that some men in relationships do wish to do something for your woman to show her some affection as even alpha’s are want to do, if she deserves it. The key, and like always, is to do something on your terms, not hers, or her hen house’s terms. That is if you want to do something, make it a surprise before or after, any other day, in fact the day before is good, or the weekend before. But you must follow it up with absolutely nothing on the day. You should also early in the relationship be telling her and showing her how indifferent and meaningless the day is. There are fewer annoying things than hearing people talk about valentines day and the stupid jokes about how someone’s gonna be in trooouubbllleee if you don’t do something for their girl.

Do not do anything on Valentines day, ever, at all, don’t even mention it unless it’s to make fun of people with your girl as you mock the sheep on their way to the slaughter. See the trick is, you need to have your girl be a part of your tribe, where you both team up against the world – always from your frame, never from hers.

5 thoughts on “What To Do On Valentines Day

  1. Valentines day is just one of the “Hallmark Holidays”. I have a one week delay on all Hallmark Holidays. That way you can buy all the cards, candy and gifts at 1/2 price at Rite Aid. I can even find a christmas tree one the side of the road with tinsel already on it.

  2. My Valentine’s gift to wife: A text reading “You should see all these saps in line buying flowers and crappy cards”

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