Living In A Blue Pill World

There’s more than a good chance that if you’re reading this blog you have at least looked through the peep hole and had glimpses into a red pill world – or at the very least, are curious about it – and even at these very initial stages of initiation, does one come into the inevitable conflict of living life surround by blue pillers. The initial and fully natural reaction to blue pillers from men and women who’ve been enlightened to the true nature of the world and humans, is one of distrust, disgust, and even irritability… sometimes even hate. One thing that learning human’s true nature should tell you about yourself is, that you have done what every other group of people do in their own heads, elevate you and your ilk to a higher plane of existence than the rest of the sheeple. Again, completely understandable. But this conflict, makes living in the world at peace all the more difficult. More and more people will frustrate you with their naiveté or flat-out ignorance, even military style fundamentalism (feminism, etc.).

So how can you reconcile this? Some will try to reduce blue piller people from their lives, but many people have family and friends that they don’t wish to remove from their lives for such a thing – also, any guy who wants to get laid, has to learn how to come to grips with the blue pill world and how to co-exist with out acting like our hated rivals, the feminists – trying to yell louder about why the person(s) in question are wrong, or an idiot. Even writing many blog posts about such a thing, but as we all know, when you think differently than say a feminist, no amount of yelling, kicking, screaming, crying or pleading will get you to think differently. One of the more shocking things about where we are in our society is our decreasing lack of tolerance. I have been as guilty as the next man with this. But tolerance is a must, lest you want to be alone reading blogs and twitter feeds and not share in some of the more special and intimate aspects of life.

Unfortunately in life you’re not going to wake up the entire world to reality, some may never want to even when shown the realities, some will just never be able to get the concept, due to their programming, and the battle towards one will take a lot of victims and innocent bystanders along the way. If you have a job, you have to get along with your co-workers, or in school, the same. We must interact with people who don’t share our belief or insight, and we can’t shun the world no matter how we try. In learning game, you’ll know that ignoring half the shit that comes out of chick’s mouth is a part of the deal in order to get laid, and it’s the same with getting along, nor does it change the ability to have a meaningful relationship with blue pillers. You need to be the one to find some common ground with them, you need to find some things that you know you both agree on, and you need to use that as the foundation of getting along and relating to and with these people.

Living amongst blue pillers may not be your ultimate dream, but we don’t live in Eden, we live on earth, and in life nothing is ever quite optimal. There are many things with our society that bug the hell out of me, and I will still criticize in my writing, for encouraging enlightenment, but I also don’t want to be a part of something that is just a male version of feminism, or any other self interest groups out there. As a man, we are supposed to deal with life a certain way, and over come hard ships, and go forward. Doing so is the only way, moving past the battles is the only way to encourage enlightenment to the rest of the world, and if we truly are bigger and better than them, let it occur to them naturally.

10 thoughts on “Living In A Blue Pill World

  1. I try not to think about “Red Pill” issues too much – just enough to keep me from going “Blue Pill” – but not enough to drive me nuts. That and I drink.

  2. You don’t have to be a militant, you SHOULDN’T! You must use your enlightened knowledge to make your life better.
    I see it as a kind of buddhism. There never was and never will be a Buddhsim Crusade. Buddhists don’t want to force you to believe them, they use their knowledge (most of it learned trough personal insight) to live a better life of their own, not to change society.
    Red pill knoledge, game, charisma, manhood, whatever you want to call it, serves the purpose to make men live better as men, to be more masculine, to be healthier, to travel, to read, be an interesting person, to work out, to be charismatic, which helps to get more pussy and have more friends. In the and (and in the beginning) it’s all about yourself. to be a better self and have a better life.

  3. I find it entertaining how taking the red pill has brought me much scorn and ridicule amongst friends and family. But since my overall health and well-being is vastly superior to theirs, I can easily slough off their barbs like mere raindrops.

  4. Good post. The red pill is all about accepting *reality*. And the reality is: we live in a blue pill world.

  5. As a newly fed by the red pill I must agree that it tastes bitter. After blaming myself for my blue pill existence I have experienced the desire to rescue others, to isolate myself from everyone and even considered becoming a MGTOW. I guess these are the typical initial steps.

    As other commenter said I think I’ll be using the red pill in the background just to avoid my tendency to be blue pill. Otherwise I am scared of the negative effects surpassing the positive.

  6. My perspective is like the seen in “Fight Club” when Brad Pitt and Edward Norton are walking down the street and get on the bus; they size everyone up around them. I try not to judge, but I find myself categorizing guys as “orbiters” or “blue-pillers.” I look at women, friends and co-workers, and notice everything they do; the incongruences, entitlment, narcissism etc. I do not let it bug me and I just have fun with it. However, it is hard to not feel arrogant or above them.

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