In Mala Fide Returns

In book format.

I’ve been away for a while, and I know you are all missing my routine of posts, fret not I have not disappeared, I sometimes feel it’s good to get out of any scene you happen to be in for a while to recharge the batteries – plus I know how faithful you all are to me, and would never truly leave me forever.

Speaking of which, some of you new people might not remember what In Mala Fide was, or what this post is supposed to be about – and a lot of you will remember it quite well. In Mala Fide was a significant and influential blog in the manosphere, a powerful voice, until it suddenly went silent for what seemed like forever. Well now it’s back, in book format only. If you’re new to the manosphere or an oldie, check out the book here, it will be a keeper.

I hope everyone has had a good new years, you all know I did.



3 thoughts on “In Mala Fide Returns

  1. Donlak, I’m only at 5% into the book and it’s already brilliant. I love the fact you can articulate a compelling argument against this feminism bullshit paradigm. Kudos!

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