Oneitis The Curse Of Man

Game short hand: If a girl is treating you like shit and you stay with her, you give her no choice but to have no respect for you, and thus no attraction.
Seems so obvious right? I mean do we really need hundreds of blogs, books, etc for something so simple and common sense? Oneitis. Probably sends more people to game or the manosphere, or to video games and going their own way than just wanting to get more sex or anything else for that matter. And yet so many things deviate from this basic tenet that it makes you wonder if Oneitis is a cultural cancer.
With a man, it’s easy to read that above when he’s free from the disease and he’ll accept it, understand it, and wonder why the fuck are you telling him obvious shit. But woe to the man caught in the thrall of Oneitis – his  senses peaked to everything related to one girl, a girl who may even seem unremarkable to his friends – a man bewitched by such a girls feminine whiles – obsession creeps in, all logic fades into the shadows, a shroud of fantasy takes him over – hours, nah, days and weeks go by with day dreams and fantasy rom-com scenarios play through his head – with each minimal gesture and words given his way from the object of Oneitis he is re-energized with fluttering heart beats like a 13-year-old girl of a past age. Logic and reason are not to be found under the infected. Only pain follows this infection. There is no happy ending for this fantasy.
I honestly don’t know if there would be a manosphere if this disease didn’t affect a huge segment of the male population – hell feminists and gender studies wouldn’t have been so nurtured into society dominance like it has – white knights wouldn’t exist, at least not to the same degree – heck even the video game industry might not have been so successful. Their certainly wouldn’t be as much bitterness towards women – you say I promote misogyny, I say I promote understanding, and with it, peace.
Much of game is teaching men how to cure this curse, be it directly or indirectly – we are doing yeoman’s work – and we are despised for it. But imagine a world with out Oneitis? Imagine a world with out brooding and whiny men bemoaning their unrequited “love” – and imagine a world where women don’t have hundreds of orbiting infected men hanging on their every action.
This isn’t as obvious as an economic crisis, or a natural disaster, but it is just as monumental.

12 thoughts on “Oneitis The Curse Of Man

  1. Would it not fundamentally change the existence of men to be immune to Oneitis? The reason it exists is biological, reflective of the fact that females are a reproduction bottleneck and that both they and children they produce (presumably the man in question’s) are basically helpless for a significant period of time. I understand curing Oneitis for when the woman is in no way attached to you, but is it really a benefit to not be bound at all by such a constraint? Is it not in some sense useful, in some place?

  2. Onitis is the about the most horrible thing i have every experianced. More than anything it drove me to improve on paper, grad school, good career, strong build. And in the end she got knocked up by some slacker with no drive.

    Suppose i still have all those other positives but it was a huge “WTF?!?” moment for me.

  3. This is fascinating. Q: “hours, nah, days and weeks go by with day dreams and fantasy rom-com scenarios” – I had no idea that guys would have any sort of “rom com” fantasy. My father was very unemotional (like de niro in Midnight Train – two emotions: silence and rage) and I just assumed guys really didn’t have those sorts of emotions, although I am seeing differently now.

    So what does that look like as opposed to a woman’s rom com fantasy – the same or different? I’m guessing different – because from reading these “manosphere” blogs, it seems like both men and women make the same sorts of mistakes but they show up in totally different ways.

    Seems like sensitive guys and girls seem to go for the ones that dont care instead of each other! Look at Taylor Swift – she seems great and sweet but seems to have the same “oneitis” problems – maybe she’s just too nice.

  4. Oneitis got me. No question. I don’t know what the fuck i was thinking either. I think it’s ego more than anything.

  5. Are you saying Taylor Swift is too easy? Uh, I think she’s dating a Kennedy now – I don’t think her dating resume is exactly slumming it – no one here is in her league. But if you’re assuming she’s sleeping with them, yeah, maybe you’re right that she shouldn’t – safe to say for you all since it wouldn’t change anything for anyone here anyway, right? Right.

  6. @vicomte
    The thing about getting mindfucked, is that you only let it happen once.

    You took the words out of my mouth……………………..

  7. oneitis is something that I definitely struggled with in my life, but I have found a way to break through it. You can beat oneitis by applying the abundance theory. Basically this is just another way of saying that there are plenty of fish in the sea. And if you want to maximize you ability to reel in these other fish, then you will have to learn some basic pick up skills and learn about female psychology and about your own psychology. Overcoming oneitis is as easy as can be when you have adopted the mindset of an alpha male. For some simple and easy tips on becoming an alpha male check out this website that I stumbled across which helped me tremendously The nice thing about this site is all the free information that is provided and it’s not overloaded either. Check it out!

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