I’m Okay With Feminism

I’m okay with feminism, as I’m okay with religion, people who describe themselves to a political party, or philosophy; I’m okay with opinions that are different than mine, even ones that come from ignorance. It is after all a fruitless endeavor to try and change or mold the world to your own viewpoint or beliefs. The only true way we can install a piece of this is by having children, even then, at some point will formulate their own opinions after growing and increasing exposure to the world outside of yours. Trying to change the world is not something you will see in your lifetime, as these things happen gradually in cultural and economic shifts, barely registering on even the most observant of us.

I’m okay with these things because they in themselves don’t matter to me, just as gays getting married has no consequence on who am and how I live my life. But all of these things share a common trait that I do have a problem with.

That problem is when those things are trying to be imposed on my by force, coercion or societal subterfuge. Freedom and courtesy of another persons right has been destroyed in our society, intolerance holds no boundaries anymore – even family members can become disenfranchised by not sharing ‘core’ beliefs. When none of these actually matter in happiness and more importantly in the end when we cease to be.

In most cases these days, the attacks disguised as ‘enlightened thought’ and open mindedness that are there to force you into the neo-matrix way of thought, is perpatraded by not the traditionally thought of as closed minded people or the conservative minded (not the political party conservative) but by the loud outcries of a minority rallying for acceptance – nay, demanding acceptance – in the form of compliance. It is not enough to seek equal rights, or equality at all, but to infuse their new paradigms on society itself as some sort of justice. The rally against being closed minded only to replace itself with the new form of closed mindeness is what it seeks, the wolf merely sheds its fur and takes on its winter coat, with a new color.

Freedom is the ability to not only think and feel and beleive in whatever one wants, but that it’s tolerated, by everyone that listens to it – gone are the times of this naive concept. Try telling a feminist your thoughts and you’ll see the courtesy and freedom of expression attempt to be trounced immidiatly by all the soldiers around you. Watch where people take your opinions as offensive and become buthurt towards you and write you off as not worthy of interaction. True enlightenment, and true belief in your own world veiw means you do not need to viscerally defend it to any one, if it is firmly entrenched in you, anyone who doesn’t agree with you, is free to think so, and there should be no urge to convert others to your way of thinking, The conversion compulsion comes from insecurity, trying to convert others to your way of thinking in order to justify your own beleifs – we are social creatures after all, and we have a need to fit in with society.

However I hear a lot of talk of how we’re supposed to be ‘evolved’ misread as being better – the concept that we’re supposed to be enlightened when we are anything but, and seem to be becoming less so with each passing day.

6 thoughts on “I’m Okay With Feminism

  1. Feminism is all along a power grab and a tool to destroy the family by undermining the man.The fact that gloria steinem according to Ms Magazine is a CIA agent makes the point pretty clear one need only to google such facts to find out.

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