5 thoughts on “If You Think Your Vote Matters…

  1. I don’t know D, if you’re referring to the current race I would say voting for Obama is of questionable value. If elected he will almost certainly spend a 2nd term explaining Benghazi in much the way that Nixon did with Watergate. If it is a general comment on republican (with a small R( democracy, I find it rather disappointing.

    On the one hand a man of your intellect and verbal acuity relying on Bill Moyers and Matt Taibbi is something of an embarrassment. I have met Moyers several times over my life. As a high school kid, a college kid and later an Army Officer and take my word for it, he was an idiot long before he became useful. If this blog and these posts are truly you, then you ought realize those buffoons are not in your class and thank your personal God for it.

    Otherwise, this is a rather tired Leftist meme they trot out every time they think they will lose, well realizing they are the minority. After all if as Dr McKinnon and de Beauvoire famously said that ‘feminism is socialism is Marxism’, that first fire is dying fast, with any luck the others can’t be far behind.

    You should spend some time where voting entails more than an upset gym schedule. The citizens of Mali are doing what they can to get their country back from the Libyan after party as I have heard it called. There participation can get you snuffed, and promptly at that. But the world over the rule is the same, if you won’t participate you will live by some body else’s dictate. If politics its to dirty, clean it up! Where ever it is you live you can certainly find 100 people who don’t trust the local government and are tired of being leaned on and extorted. If they all put up minimally $100 each and form a committee for better government, all you need to do is find a good private investigator and be willing to publicize your results.

  2. Some places voting matters, some places it doesn’t, some places your told and forced to vote in a certain way, the point of the post and the article is that neither candidate represents the interests of the people, but of the plutocrats… voting is simply a meme in itself, a quaint reminder of a once flourishing republic.

  3. I have to disagree Donlak. I’ve seen a number of times where a single vote has completely changed the course of history. People who have voted and have encouraged others to vote have impacted even more.

  4. I enjoy the blog, and you are certainly not here to conform to my ideas about anything; freedom means the state of being free not agreement. But that said I cannot help but find your response, well, frankly odd coming from somebody who I have enjoyed and thought an articulate masculine voice in the manosphere.

    You adopt a posture of surrender because sometimes yes, sometimes no? Or worse yet, somebody may try and strong arm you? I mean, boo hoo. Having grown up in the greater NY metropolitan area I have a number of colorful phrases which I have found quite useful under such circumstances, and in the event they are not met with brotherly love, I prefer they move first for legal reasons. One way or the other in this world you will HAVE to push back sooner or later.

    As for neither candidate representing the people, progressives see ‘the people’ as drones to suit their ends. They are an update of feudalism, living large on somebody else’s dime. The other guy isn’t any saint either, but I am curious just who was? It isn’t Obama against anybody who ever lived, the choice is Romney and as with most choices in life it is flawed and limited. But again you seem content to be a bystander watching it all go by as if on a train when in fact a democratic republic demands participation. To that degree you may be right about the republic, it may be over because the future is not vouchsafed to any organization or individual. I mean how do you train physically? Go to the gym once, and yup-yup, she’s done! Hardly.

    I also have to wonder about ‘once flourishing’. Would that be 200 years ago perhaps when we had just undertaken a war against the most powerful empire on earth that resulted in multiple invasion and the actual burning of Washington? Or maybe you’re thinking of 150 years ago at this time when towns and counties all over the country were coming to grips with the fact that in some cases all their sons, brothers, fathers were dead at Antietam. The multiple depressions of the 19th century, 1905, 1920, 1929. Perhaps the REAL secret of the atomic bomb. No it wasn’t a pr stunt for Ivan or a racist ploy. The truth of the matter is the nation was in days and weeks of not being able to continue the fight and if somebody didn’t pull a substantial rabbit out of a pretty big hat and fast, the 5 million remaining Japanese in mainland Asia were most likely going to remain and start throwing their weight around.

    Point being, while there has been plenty of flourishing but it has all been paid for with blood and toil and long dark interludes far beyond anything we see today. D, I just can’t imagine you at least from your other writings, to be one to so proud to roll over and give up. I am of no larger importance, no Scott Fitzgerald, or MAJ Rogers, nor Thomas Edison. But regardless of who or what wins this or any election I do not surrender and I will not live on my knees to any politician. Just a thought unsolicited and perhaps equally unwelcome, but you need to Ranger up, sport. It isn’t only about pretty girls and lifting weights, although those are big; nobody gets left behind and you never surrender.

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