Do Not Impress Her

One of the scarlett letter of a beta, a mark that any woman will detect instantly, is a man who tries to impress her. Our society and girls, mass media, schleppy and sappy rom-com’s and every peice of advice outside of the manosphere all tell men that he should work hard to impress a girl, in order to successfully court her. This is of course, a left over concept of a the pre-sexual revolution method’s of common courtship, you know, when most men actually courted women, and women enjoyed and responded to such things. It seems like it occured in ancient times at this point doesn’t it?

It’s a mistake so many men still make, because although they’ll never admit it, this is still programmed into your head from birth, and it’s a fantasy for many men, that the world still works this way, and that the ladies still respond to chivalry and displays of impressing. Beta’s and white knights base their entire outlook on life and women on this entire long since dead ideal – it’s why they rant and rave over the aloof asshole that actually scoops up all the babes. This simply does not work anymore, the old ways are dead, and the more men realize this, and the more society stops trying to teach us that it’s actually alive and well, the better we’ll all be. I long for the days where I don’t have to come across the whining and boisterous white knight tell us all that acting like a jerk isn’t how you treat women. Men treat women the same way they always have, at least the ones that get women, and the same way they always will, by acting the way that works in getting girls.

Girls are the gatekeepers of sex, they are the one’s that do the choosing, and no amount of feminism, gender neutral fundamentalism will ever change this. For if they did, the biggest female empowerement would be toothless. Because of this, and because a vast majority of men are stuck in the 50’s style of romance, chicks spend a lot of time trying to weed these types out. However impressed she is or flattered at your attempts to impress her, she will weed you out as soon as you attempt to impress her.

In this current sexual market place, and despite feminists claims, girls are desperatly trying to find a guy who will not fall under her spell and be a doormat with no spine in order to tell her where her place is. Despite feminism, girls still need to be the less powerful in the relationship. And as soon as you show that your trying to impress her, she’s got you pegged as a lap dog and a puppy, and she usually has one of these, if she’s a white girl in a trendy neighbourhood, this is garunteed.

White Knights will balk and deny these observations and usually cry out, oh you only bang sluts, or not all women are like that, mantra that is so over used and so last decade – and they’ll never accept the truth that no girl that actually respects you, or isn’t trying to use you for some reason, needs this or really wants this deep down. What they want, even the good girls, is to lose themselves in passion over a man, a man that makes her think of only one thing, being with him, in every way she can. And you don’t do this by trying to impress her, you do this by being a man, and if you aren’t a man, learn game to become one.

8 thoughts on “Do Not Impress Her

  1. This is wisdom. Until a man really knows and understands what you’re saying in this post, he is lost and will have little hope of being anything other than a doormat.

  2. It’s a tough conundrum, because you need to stand out without actually trying to stand out. It’s easy to fail at standing out or fail at not trying.

  3. Great post Donlak. You want women to be impressed by you as a man. Your confidence, personality, the path you’re on… but you’re not doing any of it TO impress her. You’re not a trick pony, getting rewards each time you do something.

  4. She wants to earn your love. Going out of your way to impress betrays that and shows you’re giving it away thus cheapening its value to the point of it being worthless, thus nit worth earning.

  5. I don’t know that’s it’s such a conundrum. If you are trying to impress a particular woman, you’ll fail. By trying to curry her favor and actively impress her, she’s getting the sense that you’ve put her on a pedestal, and that telegraphs to her that her value is higher than yours. And then the hypergamy kicks in and it’s game over.

    However, if you build yourself into an impressive man, many women will be impressed by you (as 3rd Millenium Men alludes to). A.K.A. develop inner-game and become the genuinely-impressive article rather than a supplicating shell.

  6. @ 3rd Millenium Men
    As a woman I agree with what you said. Women are impressed by how of a man you are i.e. confidence, sense of humor, status, ability to stand your ground, provide protection etc. That being said if all you bring to the table is your aloofness/PUA tricks the game will go stale. The most a man can do to ‘impress’ her is to show and not tell.

  7. “Girls are the gatekeepers of sex” thats true but you miss a fundamental point who holds the key to the commitment they want, men do some how this all to oftern falls on deaf ears, make them earn that commitment and not just give it away

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