Gaming Society

Borne from the boiling cauldron of resentment, hate has plagued our society, feminists have planted the seed of resentment towards men, so that almost every girl you meet out there will make at least some snarky remark towards you or another girl in your presence or out of your presence on how she should be living her life and acting, and it always has to do with a perceived power struggle, that isn’t really there anymore. I heard the old typical “joke” from a girl about being in control over her boyfriend, and to me, it didn’t make me mad, it just seemed so 10 years ago, can’t we move past this garbage of humour and subtle propaganda attempts? It’s now lame, and how I now deal with it, rather than the normal reaction from men out there, who aren’t schlepping white knights or betas – which is to get angry about it, or annoyed at the very least, and lash the little feminist idiot with a lambasting argument defeating everything they ever held true and important.

However, I’m finding a more effective disarming in tackling these social retards who attempt to infiltrate your world view and your rights about the way you think and act, or try and sway a girl your with, or indoctrinate you into their feminist, veganism, or gender neutralism. And that is act like it’s just not cool anymore, that society has moved past this, that it’s not even quaint anymore joking about it, its old, an after thought, nothing to be taken seriously anymore, and any jokes inferring power over men, or eating meat being wrong is like thinking it’s okay to own slaves – and antiquated mind-set. Flip the script on these idiots by insinuating that they are behind the times, and you got no time for it, and move on to other more interesting concepts and topics.

This mindset and frame is impenetrable, for it puts the attacking little aspie’s on defense, where they’ll either rebuke and go back into hiding like they should, or they’ll try to defend their stance even stronger, meanwhile you have the perfect context to smirk and blow off anything they’re saying, even making your own jokes about how the 90’s wants their political correctness back. In order to conquer these precepts and concepts and social realities is to inject it with our own seeds, and help it grow by each man and woman doing the same thing, subtly suggesting that this line of thinking, this pc and feminist bullshit is over, proven wrong, irrelevant and over. With social conditioning it’s always the subtle clues that people pick up on, because they fear being behind the times, because most people desperately want to be liked and need that support of the hive mind, especially chicks.

I think it’s time that game starts moving beyond banging chicks, and starts gaming the rest of society to try and defeat the mass hysteria over gender. A lot of us complain about the west’s women, and the beta’s and the white knights, and politics and mass media, yet complaining doesn’t do anything but feed the machine and makes it stronger. Gaming this society is inevitably the next step for our little movement, if this is a movement at all.

5 thoughts on “Gaming Society

  1. Good post Donlak. Besides being a fresh take on things, this is a subtle yet effective way to handle the situation. I have nothing against the mens rights movement and MGTOW’s but it seems that they have fallen into shaming and lecturing women. Their “advice” falls on deaf ears (of course) and nothing changes.

  2. Nice approach.

    Her: [Femnazi bullshit comment]

    Me: “Haha. Nice….. And I just heard this cool new band. They’re called Nirvana.”

    Her (somewhat hurt slightly quizzical expression): ……

    Me (surprised expression): “Oh my God, you weren’t being ironic …. Well this is a little awkward.” [PAUSE and change expression] “So what do you think about _______.”

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