Marriage Lacks Cultural Significance

Marriage as an institution of society has lost its meaning, it no longer has its legal priorities straight (outside of tax benefits) – whereas women were once protected under the law in the case of divorce because their gender was significantly damaged if they were divorced (read: looked down upon, not in the job market so unable to pay her bills, sexual market place value equal to that of a spinster or worse) so many of the laws that have grown from this dichotomy were probably once valid – this was due because socially we were built on the moral’s of marriage, family and these traditions that grounded people into roles that were both productive and fulfilling for multiple generations – there was a legacy that derived from marriage, a lineage and traditions. All of that has gone away, save for a few small percentile.

I heard over the weekend someone say: “The whole changing the last name is so antiquated, who cares about whether your children have your name or carry on your name anymore.” This is of course where we are now as a society. This was said with no bitterness, not from a feminist, and not from anyone who’s really thought about it much (probably). But just said as nonchalant as they would about some tv show they heard about that seems irrelevant to them. But that’s a major tell in our society, where the average person in their 20’s thinks probably quite similar to them. Tradition and lineage and it’s meaning and why one would feel this is important, a disconnect from our past and our families have led us into a ‘who gives a shit about anything that’s not immediate’ attitude. This of course permeates everything and most importantly marriage and it’s meaning.

Some have challenged both me, and others to tell them what benefits marriage has for them now, and it’s difficult to tell them the answer because socially, there is no benefit anymore, it’s not part of our institution anymore outside of feeding the divorce and wedding money-making machines. Women don’t get anything real out of marriage these days either, under the guise of what marriage means nowadays – they get financial gains and protection from the state, but outside of gold diggers and complete cunts, they don’t get married for this reason, so to say that’s a motivation to get married. that if you take that away suddenly you have meaning in marriage for both sexes again, is simply not a complete answer. There has to be a greater meaning than just declaring your faithfulness to another person, as a modern culture with eons of history behind us for us to look at, we all know that isn’t very reliable even with out no fault divorce. It has to mean even more than that. It has to be about more than just you and your wife, and more than just you, your wife, and your children, it has to be a trans-generational thing, it has to be about family, a legacy that lasts over the future, instilled with your ideals, morals, and traditions that help pass these on. In our individualistic society, this is probably more important and more necessary in our coming times.

However for the 90% of people getting married out there, this isn’t why they get married, most women are in love with the engagement and wedding planning, and talking and showing off to all their friends and family about her ‘special’ day – she’s romanticized it beyond and Disney fantasy… when a girl get’s engaged she becomes consumed with all of these insignificant things. Men tend to get married because they become lazy or tired of dating, or they are pressured into getting married because although the meaning of marriage has left our society, the social pressure to get married hasn’t – or realistically they settle for a girl who says she’s attracted to them and they think they can’t do any better. I’m leaving out the successful alpha marriage types, because I’m talking about the larger percentile here. If you find yourself with a girl who’s more obsessed with having a wedding than she is in pleasing you and making your life better, than don’t marry the bitch, same goes with kids, if she’s more into the having a kid because of all the attention she’ll get, she’ll be a terrible mother and is a single mom waiting to happen.

There is no real conclusion or message of hope, nor of doom, however, successful marriages seem to have forgone the status quo, it becomes a team of us against the world, the antithesis of what is happening around them, a man and woman and children that are all in that they are the only true important thing in the world. Family and marriage becomes a very personal mission, rather than the inclusive one it used to be, it’s more exclusive – kicking out fakes and angered feminists and mangina’s out of your family’s life, excluding anyone who does not fill the morals and needs of your family. When it is a well defended, meaning the woman is in full alpha love buy in mode, where your influence and her dedication to you and  her family becomes greater than the outside influence by harpies and wedding porn enthusiasts than you can have a meaningful and long-lasting marriage. This and only this, is the way that you can have marriage, at least one that has meaning, one that ignores the legal pitfalls and threats, one that gives you as a man all the benefits we once enjoyed. That’s why it’s important to game your wife, that’s why it’s important to know game enough to choose one that will be an actual wife and mother, one that wont be swayed by the ridiculous joke our culture has become, a girl who can with stand the schizophrenic world – rare that she might be, marriage can mean something, but like everything else in this modern world, it becomes what you can make of it.

16 thoughts on “Marriage Lacks Cultural Significance

  1. Phuck marriage. It’s culturally defunct. Has been for decades. The loving person you know and adore today could, and most likely will end up being, the soul/spirit crusher of your future. Be ye man or woman – do not get married. All the trends show that you’re setting yourself up (or setting someone else up) for total decimation. Those stats keep on a getting worse. Go to college in a field where you can do well for yourself and stay the phuck away from marriage and kids. This is not a society that values marriage or child rearing. To all those that disagree…to all those that are ‘happily married’, you better watch the phuck out! You too could be divorced one day. You might say, “Oh no, my spouse and I have a wonderful marriage.” Shut the phuck up! Don’t disagree with me until you’re on your death bed with your ‘devoted’, ‘loving’ spouse at your side. That goes double for those approaching ‘Gray Divorce’. What’s the reward for a lifelong marriage? One of you gets to watch the other die. Suck on that, you phucking hippies!

  2. Nobody wants to get married. But many of us want kids and want to raise them ourselves in two parent households. So you’ve got to get married (or cohabitate and be a baby daddy, which in many states becomes de facto marriage).

  3. It seems (to me at least) that people give up on goals and dreams too soon. For instance, people who want to get in shape but miss workouts, rationalize the decision, then repeat tomorrow. Mariage is one of thse goals young couples give up on too soon. No marriage is easy, there are rough patches and places where you can’t see your next step just like anything else in life. The older generations didn’t quit, they worked.through it. You might say that with the rise of feminism women can now afford to divorce, but I think that’s only part of the equation.

  4. For people who make those statements, what is the point of living?
    If you don’t care about your kids carrying your name, or anything else, why even bother with life?
    If you have no greater concern other than your current level of comfort why bother yourself with even that much.

  5. @ Drama:

    Thats like saying why bother owning a car if you don’t give others (me) a ride.

    Question is, whats in it for me?

  6. Yeah, the culture’s left marriage and child-rearing behind. Which is bad, because some people need to be given a helping hand, or they find themselves at the Rubicon of infertility with a strong hankering for a family. You want a career? Good for you, now put in the legwork to make it happen. You want a family? Same thing. It takes effort, but most people are too stupid to realize that on their own.

    Conscious pursuit of a rational mating strategy is possible, but people tend not to be rational. Too, our contemporary debt-ridden consumerist culture raises the price of investments needed to support a family, making it increasingly difficult, especially with the ongoing disintegration of nuclear families.

    Feminism isn’t the whole of the problem, but it certainly doesn’t improve the SMP for anyone: it works toward the ‘liberation’ and advancement of women via destruction of the traditional social contract between the genders. I don’t think the heterosexual feminists ever intended to destroy marriage; they thought they could dismantle it and remake it without all the icky patriarchy.

  7. “Men tend to get married because they become lazy or tired of dating, or they are pressured into getting married because although the meaning of marriage has left our society, the social pressure to get married hasn’t – or realistically they settle for a girl who says she’s attracted to them and they think they can’t do any better.”

    Very insightful and true.

  8. Aldous Huxley said, “The charm of history and its enigmatic lesson consist in the fact that, from age to age, nothing changes and yet everything is completely different.”

    Times are changing but they change slowly, history is cyclical, but the foundational truths of exsistence remain the same. Look around you, the manoshpere is making a difference be patient but diligent. Have the strength to stand against the status quo as Donlack says, do, teach and expect from those around you the same.

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