The Gender Attack’s Slight Of Hand

Feminists and Gender-Neutral supporters constant and illogical and non-sensical argument to support their ideologies rests on the belief that all gender roles are based on social constraints or placed by society, which presumably makes them unfair, unjust or wrong to their standards. Okay, so lets take a look at what they want to replace this with.

You’ll hear a lot of phrases like ‘freeing us of social constraints placed upon us by society’. Again, okay. So as often as they do, these groups toss out biology and evolution and natural gender roles as too difficult to discern from societal roles indoctrinated in all of us, which leaves the only answer to replacing these gender roles to a new set of roles, dictated by their beliefs and in turn creating campaigns and propaganda to convince society to conform to their new ‘enlightened’ definitions, which would inherently put social constraints on gender roles, which in the new paradigm would only benefit them, rather than the current system (or dying one) that has served since the dawn of humanity, if you are basing your society off of biology and evolution.

So, as it stands, feminism and gender-neutral activists aren’t about ‘freedom’ from social constraints at all, and any argument that contains the social argument is nothing but a straw man argument as the replacement of standards would still be a socially constrained gender role.

Whenever you force people against their natures you will get a blow back, whether it’s initial or over generations, and there will be a blow back for sure, for nature will always win, because, we are only a part of nature and not the supernatural beings we tend to arrogantly pretend to be.

5 thoughts on “The Gender Attack’s Slight Of Hand

  1. I can understand women jumping on the gender neutral bandwagon, but I’m constantly at a loss of words for mentally sound men who subscibe to it also. The male feminist is quite the quagmire.

  2. I’m actually taking a class on marriage and family (in college I know I know feminist rule is what I should expect) and it’s silly because my teacher practically shoves this belief down our throats nearly every class. It’s in the book, the homework, the videos (from Tyra Banks none the less) and the tests.It’s everywhere.

    For some reason the belief is that these roles came out of nowhere. Or maybe its that men created them and oppressed women into them.

    Both of these are hard to fathom. If no one created them then it’s obvious that this was as nature intended because it would seem that nature invented it this way. If men actually created them without womens consent why then do men have to exchange anything at all? Why not live as complete kings with complete servants we don’t even support or protect?

    I’m of the belief that the roles came as a result of our evolutionary psychology. Men were better equipped at providing and protecting and so it makes sense that that’s what men did. Women were equipped to nurture and nest build so that’s what woman did. We socialize them in to our children because instinctualy we know that that is the way nature intended.

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