You Can Tell By The Way She Walks

… in heels.

If you’re a man who likes feminine gilts you like one who wears heels on the street or in while you’re banging her, however it is a misnomer that all girls who wear heels are inherently feminine. There are quite a few things you an determine when a girl walks in heels however and I will discuss them here.

Girls who walk in heels the same way they wear flats, heel first and a stunted posture, are the type that think they’re being feminine, they think they are supposed to wear them but fail to understand the sexuality involved in wearing heels, and how it’s supposed to enhance a girls posture and legs and how it should effect her hips as they walk. It results in an un-sexy awkward gait, a stain on your eyes, and they are sexually the same. Boring and awkward.

Girls who look like they’ll topple over while they walk in them, they’re either tomboy’s or hipsters that never wear heels except when the absolutely have to and have no idea how to walk in them. These girls, although not as feminine are more likely to be the slutty chicks who hang around men a lot, and fuck like its an Olympic sporting event held weekly. If you can get them out of their heels you can have a good time with them for a few nights, but soon they’ll start reading you their poetry or asking to bring beer over and watch the football game with you and your mates. Not good relationship material.

The trickster girl, she dresses in power skirts, and wears sexy heels and her legs and ass pop in them, but she’s a power girl, working in a mans world trying to move up in business, she walks in heels like she’s trying to stab through the pavement with her stiletto heels. She’ll be voracious in the sack but unbearable to converse with or date.

A girl who knows how to walk with elogance in heels is the true feminine girl, she can be on the highly sexual or slutty sides – but she’s all girl, and all fun – her sexuality is high when she smoothly sways her hips when you’re watching, she understands how heels effect her whole physique and sexuality and hotness. She understands that walking in heels is a part of the flirting and courting game, and is a blessing to chat with, bang, and date.

How a girl walks in heels can determine your happiness with her.

5 thoughts on “You Can Tell By The Way She Walks

  1. Reminds me of a girl from work last year who wore heels once. She’s young and clearly had no idea how to do it. She looked about as good as a dog would while walking in heels.

  2. When they are right, they can balance and it’s a natural, happy extension of character, truly they are one of the genuine delights of being a man. How many times have we all heard that sharp, urban yet utterly female cadence and seen some lovely with a suppressed smile just as she catches our eye. An anonymous yet intimate public gift of the feminine.

    Alternately, I once saw Bella Abzug in high heels as a youth. Imagine Luca Brasi with a more energized Yosemite Sam gate, and believe me, you’re getting off light. Hard to reconcile the disparate extremes.

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