The Agents Of The Matrix Are Every Where

We truly live in a backwards time, a time where the alpha, although loved mostly in secret by the lovely ladies of the world, are viewed more often with the ire of the beta’s and the “I think because of the date women and men shouldn’t be like this” feminist poisoned people. It’s so predominant I don’t see a shift coming any time soon to acknowledge the wisdom of the traditional gender roles becoming accepted. It seems to be getting worse.

My woman loves to cook meals, loves to, for anyone, but especially me, she will happily do the dishes as well, as she does the cleaning, because she knows it makes me happy, and doing so makes her happy – occasionally, and I mean occasionally, I will cook her a meal or do the dishes for her, or chip in on some cleaning – I do all the manual work for her and myself, and we both accept that as normal and fun and within what we both want to do for one another – I also lead all the time, and am her authority figure allowing her the freedom to express and be her natural feminine self, protected by moi. Sounds pretty great doesn’t it? It is. That is until you place outsiders that live in the matrix into this little play.

Once outsiders see a chick gleefully doting on her guests and her man, they immediately start to question just what the fuck is going on here. Assumptions of abuse and control flicker through their heads, and they’ll either make some comments or form questions that are meant to be accusatory or evoke a moral objection on their point, like:

“Do you do the dishes too? What do you do?” to the girl and then to the guy.

You get questions like that and your girl will be put into a defensive position no matter what, and if you try to explain it to these people, they won’t listen, they’ve already made up their minds that you’re a controlling asshole behind the scenes, even if you’ve been perfectly cordial to your woman in their presence. There are two types that feel this way, the envious ones of you, that assumes that you can’t have a girl that’s like this without being a controlling asshole, because they think they can’t have it – or feminist gender nazi’s that will pull your woman aside at some point and say shit like this to her:

“You know you don’t need to stay with him, you can leave.”

The gall on some people to stick their noses in where it doesn’t belong is unbelievable, as much as their ignorance. To assume something like that with no evidence except that they can’t understand or do in life is not only appalling but speaks volumes of our societies intolerance to other people’s lives. Many people say that we’ve evolved socially in our civilization or as a species, but really, we’re as intolerant as any other generation, replacing one bias with another one. There’s really no difference. People living out of the social norm will always be ostracized by the masses believing the hype. The sad part is that two happy people living fulfilling roles within their gender, is frowned upon and hated on by people who can’t live their lives the same way, or refuse to do so because of some white knighting belief system imparted on them by the system or other people.

You know you are out with sheeple when they take a completely predictable stance on the world. I prefer the mad people, the types that buck the system, that want to live their lives the way they want to, regardless of social acceptance. The times they are a changing? I don’t think so.

But, will the feminine girls, and masculine men survive this insane drivel that has infected our society? For many reasons I can see that we won’t – the manosphere is here fighting back, but it is but a speck of dust in the desert of gender neutralists and freaks. Perhaps we’re the last of a dying breed. If so, so be it. We’ll watch the world burn around us.

10 thoughts on “The Agents Of The Matrix Are Every Where

  1. I think the androgyne society second-wave radical feminism was pushing is pretty much a non-starter. Millennial lipstick feminism, as seen on Jezzabel and like sites, is an increasingly acoherent movement.

    The legal battles have all been won; they’re going after “fat shaming” and free hormonal birth control. Sooner or later, as women keep getting unhappier, they will realize that they’ve been chewing on a monumental turd sandwich for the past forty years.

    Younger women don’t identify as feminists nearly as often, and it drives the old guard nuts. Peak feminism was the 90’s, and I could see traditional gender roles making a comeback.

  2. “Watch the world burn around us” love it. Last night I was at a club and began talking with, then went and sat down and later made out with a STUNNING girl. The males in my group just wouldn’t believe that I hadn’t met her before. The masculine innately attracting the feminine at first contact was so foreign to them as to beggar belief. Their idea was that women like guys after the guys hang around them for ages, do things for them and are there when they need it. Understanding attraction and desire was beyond the realms of their comprehension.
    Thank goodness for the Manosphere:

  3. when you are trying to lead any semblance of a traditional life other humans are just poison pills. i was STUNNED the other day when my husband had a friend over, he gave me a direct order in front of the friend and the friend, a male, said–without compunction–“why do you do that? you don’t have to jump just because he says so!”. i looked at him calmly and said “because he”s my husband” and left the room. i was amazed that this male had no sense it was inappropriate to say something like that to a man’s wife. it also belied the fact that he has never seen an obedient woman. he makes inappropriately friendly comments and calls me “hon” and it’s obvious he gets a lot of warm reactions from other men’s wives and has no ability to compute my polite cold indifference to him.

  4. Thank you for this piece, you acknowledge this tedious and all too common experience eloquently and with insight. It is the mechanism of the true useful idiot. Some stooge, white knight or beta is immaterial, they have no interest in starting any movement or furthering any form of justice. But they always appear to wag their nasty little fingers in your face. Happy Home? Harmonious relationship? Only if it can stand up to their imaginary PC yardstick. An insidious psychology, always with the absolute certainty they are empowered, Hell, deputized to speak up since it’s all for some imaginary greater good.

    Good for you Dana! and good on the man who found you as well. You two are not the only ones, that scene has played with Mrs C too. For me the most disturbing part tends to be I am usually blind sided by the source, they are almost never who I would have guessed in advance; it’s always a little sad to discover a worm where I had thought there was a friend and functional adult. Keep up the good work, D!

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