Screening For Sluts

One of the few advantageous things that feminism and the sexual revolution is the openness and freedom it gives to horny sluts. Tack on an acceptance of online dating and the horny little nymph’s are even more accessible than ever to modern man. Never in history have we had accessible willing and horny pussy, and the variety as well. So it can seem strange that there’s a lot of complaining around about chicks today.

I suppose most of the complaints comes from the men who’d like to marry a nice girl and not a horny slut that’s doled it out to the hottest alpha available at the time, and I understand that complaint, but recently I went on here talking about a real way to go about marriage and there was an even bigger uproar over that. I’m not even sure what is causing anger anymore. Sure I get that the girls attitude sucks, we all hate that, and that the average girls waistline is expanding almost as fast as her ego does, but really, I don’t pay much attention to these types. Not when there’s still willing and ultra horny sluts out there.

The way I went about getting laid frequently, was using direct game on any girl under an 8. Start the sexual flirting almost right away, gauge how horny she might be, after a few lines back and forth and she should reveal that she’s horny and down to fuck. If she isn’t I simply moved on. If she were particularly cute, I might actually go to charisma game, where I’d spend time comforting her that I’m not just looking to bang (tho I was). Then if I liked the conversation a little or I saw that she’s interested, that there’d be an opening, I’d go for an actual date type scenario. For the girls that did take the bait, I’d just rev their horny lil engine up so when we met we’d quickly go back to my place to bang, or in a lot of cases just have her show up at my place, bang and leave, no fuss no muss.

This strategy is less effective on hotter girls, but it can work on them too, however since they can get high quality men at any time, the direct game needs to be toned down quite a bit, they’ll be looking out more for protection over their hot bodies, more on the lookout for a beta in alphas clothes. They will shit test you after a direct approach. A solid frame and an ability to segue to new topics without falling into her frame is key.

This method works well on dating sites where you can weed out all the girls not DTF. Instead of 10 or so pointless and nauseating conversations, you can have one or two sexually charges ones with willing babes.

The idea behind this being that I was choosing quantity of poon over quality, even though my standards would go up with each bang – there would be however then get to a period I would get no nibbles from better looking babes, and then I’d hit up a 6 for a quick bang and get back on track. If bangs are all that matter, you can do so with very little actual interaction and very little money, very little public outings with these girls. As a cheap and lazy bastard this was my preferred method. Online dating sites were a goldmine for this method. In real life, it works wonders too, if a girl shows through her body language that’s she loose and into you.

This is still a players paradise, unless you want more out of your experiences, like dating a girl, then, well then it’s a different story.

3 thoughts on “Screening For Sluts

  1. Good strategy for the upcoming weekend. I’m goin’ to a tropical resort for two nights for a training seminar, lots of girls who are newcomers (heh) will be there.

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