Screening For Relationship Girls

If you are dating a chick that you find yourself thinking about keeping her around for a long time, with the potential for marriage or kids, or even just a nice long-term break from the dating field, there are a few things you need to screen for, a few things you need to rise above the cosy endearing feelings you have for said chick. Too many men make the mistake of dating a girl who has all the flags of a cheating or high hypergamy qualities from the get go, and it is important for you to be a stalwart enough to find these qualities and release these girls back into the lake if she should show some of these red flags.

The easiest but also the most politically incorrect flags you should be looking at is her social life. This is probably the number one tell on the quality of a woman who you are with than anything else – if you have trouble identifying bad qualities because of lust or romantic feelings, use this guide to help you. We’ve already discussed how women are controlled by social constructs, how they’re not independent outside of the hive mind, so who she mingles with frequently and her overall social life is who she is, regardless of how she tries to convince you otherwise.

  1. She has one or more main friends that are guys and they aren’t gay. If she tells you her best friends name is Gary, and you ask him if he’s gay, and she doesn’t say ‘ya, he’s flaming’ – then this girl is no good for a relationship. Girls protest this all the time, using misdirection accusations about your ‘jealousy’ issues or insecurities, while the deny that the guys want to sleep with her, or that they see her like a sister, etc. So either she doesn’t believe this and is living in a fantasy world, yet still has no consideration of your feelings about hanging out with a dude in many intimate settings; or she does know and thinks the same way and is either having sex with him, has had sex with him, or wants the attention that the guy gives her because he wants to sleep with her. Any of those situations shows a lack of character and high potential of cheating, fights, and mind tricks about your lack of trust. Ditch this chick.
  2. Sex in the City like chick entourage that goes shopping and goes drinking nightly talking about all the guys they’ve got on rotation while sporting gaudy clothing they proclaim as fashion – if your girl is apart of one of these groups, ditch her – they’re constantly trolling for new cock, and no guy is good enough for them, and they also need to know every detail of your relationship with your chick, and she will be criticized constantly on anything she actually does for you. These feminist she-devils are the biggest cause of the demise of the western female. If any of her friends that she talks to and hangs out often seem to be one of these girls, dump the bitch.
  3. Coke heads and E freaks. Party girls. Should be clear, but sadly some guys still think it’s okay that a girl who’s supposed to be committed to you shouldn’t be out at raves with out you, partying till 4 in the morning doing drugs and drinking. You should all know what happens when these things happen, easy path to sex that she can easily rationalize away. Any girl who does this with out you has no respect for you and you’re being a chump while she goes out and sluts it up at your cost. If you do go out and party with her, she still isn’t a good long term potential, unless while you are together she looses the lust for partying and starts to look more towards standard female traits like mother hood and housekeeping. A girl who still wants to party has other cock on her mind, and eventually she’ll ride it or all of them. Dump her.
  4. The girl with no friends. Ideal, except that she’ll be a little to clingy or needy, which aren’t totally bad things if you know how to game a girl into losing these insecurities. Ideally you want someone social enough to have some friends, but mostly acquaintances that don’t have too much influence on her, and that are nice and normal human beings. A rarity in these times. Keep her.
  5. Like the tope one, the girl that’s just one of the guys. Another obvious one, all of her friends are guy friends. Why on earth would you even go there. Not only are you sharing her with a bunch of other guys that ‘know’ her better than you do, but they’re all totally inhibited around each other. Not to mention she burps and farts and thinks its funny while she high fives while slurping beer from a mug because she actually thinks she’s a man. Not sure why anyone would think this would make a good mother, but some think these girls are the bees knees. If you like sharing your girls vagina with multiple dudes while she tells you to ‘chill bro’ then by all means, go at it. Other wise dump the bitch.

Sadly most girls you meet are going to fall into the dump the bitch category, but who said life was going to be easy. You’re not supposed to shack up with the first chick that opens her legs to you anyways, so pump and dump until you find a good one, if you can, and if you so desire.

7 thoughts on “Screening For Relationship Girls

  1. “The girl with no friends. Ideal, except that she’ll be a little to clingy or needy, which aren’t totally bad things if you know how to game a girl into losing these insecurities. ”

    Don’t make her too secure, though, or she’ll think she’s too good for you.

  2. I’m conflicted on sluts. I used to think they were harder to get for a beta (at least when you compare hot sluts vs hot good girls) since the hot slut has more experience with guys, but now I like sluts more than good girls for three reasons:
    1. good girls are quicker to reject guys that don’t meet her long-term standard
    2. sluts maintain communication after the relationship ends. I like having girls I can talk to periodically and most of the ones that stay in my orbit (assuming it was the female’s decision to end things) are on the sluttier side of the spectrum.
    3. out performance among sluts is more visible and you can use that to attract a good girl. The opposite, looking celibate while courting a good girl, impresses no one.

    For a while, I’ve felt shorter girls are harder to get than taller ones, for a beta at least, since the shorter ones have more options. Roissy also thinks they’re more feminine, and that opposites attract (short feminine with tall masculine alpha) to keep the human population near an average. It used to be I went on a lot of dates with taller relatively good girls.

    As I’m getting older, and more comfortable and confident, I’m noticing the girls I’m attracting are getting shorter and sluttier. A lot of times, the girls that reject me go on to long-term relationships many of which with advantage of perspective have resulted in marriage.

    Having choices among young slutty girls is a good problem to have but I don’t think I can pick up a relationship girl even if I wanted one.

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