Women Are Not Independent

Women tend to be more susceptible to peer pressure and social pressures than men, and when I say tend to be, I mean almost completely. Feminists instilled this notion of an independent woman in to the hive mind, and almost every girl out there now wears it like a badge, beaming with pride – of course this is mainly accomplished by claiming that they are independent of men, or that they don’t need men to be happy, blah blah blah. The problem with this, which is rarely if ever examined, is that there is no such thing as a truly independent woman, because they are trapped in the social loop of seeking acceptance. They simply replaced men (in theory) with other women or peers of their sub-group. When’s the last time you heard of a woman going out into the woods, building a cabin and hunting for their own food and being completely content? Never? Yeah me neither, because a girl cannot exist without someone reinforcing or telling them they are the bee’s knees, or acting appropriately, or inappropriately.

The problem with feminism wasn’t the equal rights portion, it was the all praising of female behaviour, that all of it had to be accepted and preened with no exceptions. The belief that girls are equal to men in ever facet – it has allowed a generation of girls to act like entitled cunts, or attention whores, sluts, aging cougars waiting for mister right after a 10-15 years of cock carouselling, etc. When this hit the ‘girl power’ critical mass and affected the majority of women regardless of class, intelligence, religion and region, it affectively ruined a generation of girls. See once this prevailing thought over came the masses of girls, then all the girls had to fall in line, or else face the never-ending questions of why she behaves traditionally when they no longer have to – like any girl 40 or below had to ever – like they even know what they’re talking about.

You also hear a lot of complaining about representation in media, like thin girls being represented and causing eating disorders and low self-esteem in girls. That’s real independent. The magazines made me feel inadequate. This affects women more because they absolutely need to be accepted and feel apart of society – without the hive they are nothing but an empty shell that needs to be filled with some information and direction. Without this, they are lost, incapable of having a purpose. Where men can create purpose when devoid of outside stimulus coaxing him to one, a woman will still feel un-needed and worthless – her main biological purpose of course is to have babies. Women band together, historically for the protection of their children and the tribe, while the men were out hunting. Working together helped get things accomplished in the village, These days it has become just a reinforcement camp for the feminist agenda. Talk to any normal feminine girl who wants to embrace her true feminine self and see what she has to deal with when talking to any other girl out there. Keep her around these other girls and eventually she’ll give into the social pressure and start becoming a part of the hive.

It is because of this that game is affective, and why even feminists still try to define rape into everything they possible can, because they know that women are susceptible to social pressure or social acceptance. That they can be coerced emotionally and intellectually into having sex, or going out with a man. They know they are not independent people, that they need some input in order to act, when in the presence of a strong masculine man, that they will look up to, they will usually forget all the social programming of her hive and start to follow him with adoration. They know this, even if it’s only subconsciously, and so does every white knight and mangina out there.

This makes if ever important to pay attention to a girls social behaviour, her friends and who she keeps in an inner circle or trusted companions. This is why family was always so valuable, most girls will still revert back to the social constructs given to her by her father, and mother, however the more they are away from them, and the more they are away from a man who they admire and adore and respect, the more they get indoctrinated into the sex in the city hive, until they have shed all respectable and redeeming female qualities. More on this aspect in a future post, regarding picking a girl for long term relationship or marriage, and how to spot a future divorce harbinger.

We have gotten to the point where women who claim they are independent, are nothing like that at all, but the feel the legal, and social backing to claim that she can do everything that a guy can, and act like a man, and so on and so on, rather than forgoing this integral part of their being, they merely replace one constraint for another. Is there now any hope for our society?

9 thoughts on “Women Are Not Independent

  1. Good post Donlak, but could you clarify something. “…they will usually forget all the social programming of her hive and start to follow him with adoration. They know this, even if it’s only subconsciously, and so does every white knight and mangina out there.”

    If manginas knew this wouldn’t they be compelled to change their ways, or did you mean in addition to women, manginas also know it subconsciously?

  2. Nothing new here, but in a word, “brilliant”.
    Your characterization and simply described condition of the female psyche is spot on.

    The truth is, this stuff is pretty basic, and innate to humans. Were we still back in prehistoric, cro-magnon, times, the inter workings and relationship between male and female would be clearly visible. The growth of civilization, modernization, and technological advances in the world have made life easier for man and seemingly blurred the roles of males and females in society. However a close learned inspection will show that even in today’s times nothing has really changed what’s built into our DNA. There are of course exceptions to every rule or stated maxim, but to put it succintcly. men build, innovate, protect, and provide, while women support, nurture, and propogate the species.

  3. This is very true. A woman can change very quickly based on her surroundings. I once dated a feminine French girl when I was living in paris temporarily. She ended up moving to the US to study and she changed to start acting much more American just from TV and other students she went to school with.

  4. I swear I could hear that distinctive Louisville slugger out-of-the-park crack while I was reading this, I only wonder if you paused to point at just where it was going over the wall before you sat down at the keyboard. Bravo, it desperately needs saying and for their own good as well.

  5. “Keep her around these other girls and eventually she’ll give into the social pressure and start becoming a part of the hive.”

    – You just described my last ex`s downfall, ergo why she is ex.

    – Also from my empirical point of view, women are incapable of having principles, any principles or moral standpoint. The shallow laws of their social dawdle is dictated by what is acceptable by the entourage, peer among peers. The fact that is misleading is the straight face that they put on display while all the way inside, you can only find a moral bankruptcy and, if you are lucky some kind of post-relationship trauma that might be in your favor.

    Bottom line, never doubt your moral compass, never feel sorry for a break-up, and dear god, never underestimate your capabilities. They just are not worth it, they never are.

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