Get Married

There is a unified message from the manosphere, and that is “don’t get married” – the reasons for this are many: western women are not worth it, they’ll divorce rape you, they’re unfeminine and bitchy, they don’t know how to cook or treat a man, they’re cunning and may cuckold you with another man, some just say they don’t want to get married at all, and want to enjoy the spoils of our generation of sluts. The only acceptable answer, especially to any red pill man who knows game, is the last one. Any other reason is based out of fear, fear of the possibility of something happening.

I get that the risk seems high, hell another person I know is now getting a divorce after being unceremoniously married for a year or two, I of course saw this coming thousands of miles away, with all the people I know that got married and got divorced. That being said I also know some people where I don’t think that’s going to happen, they are happily married, and only one of them runs the risk of any significant financial risks if divorced, the rest don’t really need to worry, outside of some raising kids – oh and they’re the ones who I don’t see getting divorced and such. There are risks in anything in life, and to say that marriage, all of it, is a sham just because the legal system is skewed towards females is not a real reason to fear marriage. Yes there’s a lot of chicks out there that know this, that know they can do no wrong, and our society enables them. But when did getting married turn into just wedding the first bitch that says yes? The whole don’t get married thing seems like fear mongering on a level. I will not take part in it anymore. Saying don’t do something because you are putting yourself at risk is not a masculine answer, it’s not a positive answer and it puts oneself in the company of MRA losers, who take it to the extreme of, “don’t have sex with girls, they might falsely accuse you of rape.”

It’s the same logic, and the same advice, don’t do it, you could get fucked over. Well fuck it, I could get fucked over leaving my house too, and I do that daily. It is more appropriate to teach a man game, and then advise him on how to get married, and how to keep a marriage going and thriving than to pussy out and say don’t do it, because there’s no benefit to you as a man. Not sure if there ever was a benefit if that’s the case. Can you not have a girl who cooks you meals and cleans without complaining? Yes you can. Can you not have a girl who puts out without any strings attached or power plays? Yes you can. Can you not find a girl who would be a suitable mother to your children? Yes you can. Is raising children even worth it in this environment? Different story and something only the individual must decide.

I am advocating marriage, but not a fools marriage. I know a ton of people who are idiots and living in a blue pill world who get married and are the poster boys of why not to get married, but are you one of those guys? I’m not. I know guys that aren’t either. Game teaches you how to satisfy girls, both short-term and long-term, so why then is marriage such a taboo in these parts? It shouldn’t be. I am a guy who thought he’d never get married, thought I’d never want to, but I knew enough to never shut myself off from that option should I have the urge to change my mind. I don’t lock myself into a box like that, life is always twisting and turning and evolving, and I only advocate not getting married if you’re a beta chump who worships women and can’t stand up to them.

For any man that’s afraid of marriage, I say for shame. Game should have taught us more than that.

57 thoughts on “Get Married

  1. Marriage? What’s that? Don’t tell me there are still fools out there that still believe in that well debunked, dead fantasy. Divorce rate in CA is now 75%. Marriage = multi-billion dollar wedding ceremony/jewelery buying/mortgage enslaved/life time alimony and child support endentured survitue/heart and soul draining/lawyer enriching divorce industry. Divorce is the only thing keeping this ‘economy’ going these days. Essentially, it’s committing yourself to a lifetime of HELL. That’s right! Get married and you’ll be licking Satan’s balls for all eternity! Go to college in a high demand field that makes you lots of money. Only one thing buys love – and that’s money (just don’t get married for love or you’ll lose everything, including your money and your balls). Marriage has gone the way of the dinosaurs. Anyone thinking about marriage now days is a naive sucker waiting to be played (i.e., don’t come crying when you get your balls stuffed in your stupid @$$). Thank God I escaped that whole mess. Have any of you read through the millions of divorce court judgements recently on the net? IT IS STUNNINGLY HORRIFYING! Read all you can about how divorce can DESTROY your life! Mariage is nothing but a giant con game now! Wake the F up!!!! Smack the crap out of anyone you know that even mentions the word! They’ll hate you now (in their lovey-dovey, dopaine induced insanity state), but will kiss your ass later when they wake the F up! Friends don’t let friends get married.

  2. This article is nonsense. I’m glad to see Ras Al Ghul call out this silly ass logic. What’s sad is that the author fancies himself as an alpha male, while presenting a case for marriage that includes everything alpha males get without marriage. This is truly a bizarre case of cognitive dissonance.

    I do agree that the risks of marriage are lessened with game and red pill knowledge, but the rewards are not increased. In fact, once you have game and true understanding of female psychology, the rewards of staying unmarried increase tenfold. To learn and practice game just to get married is like training for the NBA just to shoot hoops in front of your garage.

    Enjoy women. Enjoy relationships. Never marry.

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