Dating Is Not War

Why do so called critics of mine think I’m doing something wrong by teaching both sexes how they can be happy? What is it about people these days who can’t get past a simple microcosmic issue and fail to grasp the larger macro issue as a whole? We see this on all levels of humanity now, for example, mention words like abortion and rape, no matter the context, and a large segment that hears these words will only hear these words and not the actual context, and certainly not a bigger picture, not a larger scope of thinking.

This way of thinking has shown itself to be saturated in every level of society, from the masses to politicians, corporate leaders, even scientists – we are all part of a singular matrix, unable to pry ourselves from the machine as it marches on and tramples everything in its path. We no longer understand symbols – they used to be reminders of something we believed in – once we saluted the ideals and morals of our country when we saluted the flag, now we salute the flag because if we don’t we’re not patriotic.

Learning game, at least for me, is not about tricking girls to sleep with me, or brainwash these helpless beings into going along with my world view, it’s about giving both sexes what it takes to make each other happy – masculine males and feminine females, it’s the balance that most people crave despite their modern in-ability to separate issues about basic human rights and gender actualities.

Is this a systematic dumbing down of society? Is it a tragic symptom of a society on information overload – constant marketing and appeals to each cause out there – splintered into sub groups and issues? When did we allow the hijacking of our mutual happiness? Since when is women’s issues not men’s issues and vice versa? How are the issues affecting men, false rape, hyper gamy, divorce inequality, marginalizing , misandry, not the issues that affect women? They surely do, or else we wouldn’t see women rejecting beta males and wondering where all the real men went, that this separating of gender issues created.

More importantly how do you reach out to an audience that isn’t there? The greatest tragedy is having the wise men painted as lunatics, or worse, as invalid. And what about an audience? It seems these days, as an entertainer, or teacher, you have to find one and fit into that audience rather than them finding you. Kids these things didn’t used to be so, not before the dark times.

When feminism was created, it reflected on our society, a culture of duality began, opposition, in order for females to gain rights it had to reject the female and embrace the male, on the inside, and on the outside vice versa – this in turn had an effect on men, (anyone that could think past a grade 10 education should have been able to ascertain this) and in the end has caused such a chasm that one wonders if it could ever be bridged again or if it will just get wider. Will we ever see past 2 feet in front of us ever again?

4 thoughts on “Dating Is Not War

  1. The vilification aimed at guys like you is revealing, mainly of the faulty reasoning behind feminism. On the one hand I think the idea that all sexual relations exist at a cost or detriment to women has gained some degree of unconscious social traction , ergo anybody facilitating happy consensual sex is an obvious malefactor. But what I think they really can’t stand is the masculine aspect, the fact that people like you celebrate masculinity, discuss it,,,and not in some Mao-ist style confessional either, and try and reconnect with ways of enhancing, deepening, and reinforcing it. The fact that you’re thoroughly unashamed to be a man is more than enough to set off feminist/white knight alarms.

    You and men like you are definitely helping a new generation remember what being a man actually means beyond some fractured Oprah-fried vision of permanent servitude and shame. True, the smoke will clear of it’s own; feminism is the kind of fad that can exist only in a fat time in a fat country and unless I really can’t count those days are coming to an end. But you guys accelerate the process of male actualization. But it isn’t only putting forth masculine values, what I think of as Centurion values like strength, will, honor, endurance, brotherhood and stoicism that gets them all so red assed, it’s all those what if’s.

    ‘What if’ we all start acting like men all the time or something? In our every day lives?!? AAAGH! Anything but that! ‘What if’ we start taking care of ourselves for ourselves, pull ups, dips, running, weights, martial arts and a Paleo diet…you know, what the evidence of your own eyes tells you is working vs some credentialed talking head. ‘What if’ we made our own money for our own purposes and not open ended innumerate female fantasies. Why in 40 or 50 more years we’d all (still) be yelling bung-bunga from our cliff side villas in Sardinia, utterly surrounded by happy young sexual beings and all the homely hairy feminists and nervous metrosexuals wouldn’t get an invite. In my observation most of the inflammatory issues surrounding feminism go back to middle school anyway, in this case we’re having a party, it’s gonna be big and it’s gonna be long, and they just aren’t invited.

  2. Damn man, you’ve been knocking it out of the park lately. I’m just catching up, this is great stuff. It’s easy to forget how society has changed since we were younger, to not see the shifts. These are great reminders. I had in fact not thought for some time about how entertainment has shifted and what that says about culture and society.

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