Paradise Sucks

I subscribe to being an advantageous man living in a morally corrupt sexual market place, where men like myself can reap the benefits of easy (compared to generations past) sex with loose women, who not only are okay with being slutty but proclaim to all that society should crown women with a slut tiara and worship their freedom to slut it up as they choose.

I support this mindset, however, as I am seeing before my own eyes, even in Vancity, which was a last vestibule of fit attractive chicks, the ever expanding frumpiness and sloppiness of said pool of easy poon tang. It is unfolding in record pace as once, within a year it was impossible for me to leave my house without seeing at least a handful of cute bangable babes, to now one or two if I’m lucky. And we’re still in summer.

I chalked it up to fat Americans coming into the city as tourists flooding the market with bad stocks – but I’m not sure this is accurate anymore – even good looking broads have resorted to flip flop wearing and putting less effort into looking good. It seems with the availability to easy sex and a lack of judgement, and lack of wanting a suitable mate to marry or live long term with, these girls realized they don’t need to do anything to snag a good man, and therefore do as they please, knowing guys will bang them anyways.

Although conceptually we are living in a paradise as men, as men with game, it would seem the reality is anything but. Nature abhors imbalance and so as in anything in nature, when it’s skewed to an extreme, there will be a balancing mechanism in place. In many ways this can be comforting, knowing what ever we do to throw off the balance in the force, nature will find a way, however it also reinforces the impossibility of a true utopia. Eden is an impossible goal, that cannot be achieved by the laws of nature.

I weep for the loss of western hot babes.

9 thoughts on “Paradise Sucks

  1. Adult entertainment circa 2020 such virtual reality projections and possibly sexbots will somewhat ease the pain caused by lack of attractive girls.

  2. I hate to say it but living in Calgary you notice it as well. I think our proximity to the Americans makes the decline of thin, attractive, feminine women a very real threat.

    Yes we do have the skills to bed women with regularity, however if the only women left are frumpy, ugg/flip flop wearing girls with a deep love of tattoo’s, beer, pizza and facial piercings our kind will just simply move on to greener pastures…

    I’m planning my second trip to Asia for early next year, and while i take heat on this fact daily from my female boss. There is no way in hell i’m gonna let some 30yr old, “pixie” haircut having, 45lbs overweight (i’m working on it daily) sad excuse for a woman try and shame me for following my cock.

  3. The whole tattoo craze just repulses me. The future of money making will be in tattoo removal systems.i had mine removed a couple years ago and it hurt 10x more than getting them.

  4. have the girls of vancouver gotten fat? They never dressed well but at least they were fit. I am coming back to van after almost a year in SE Asia and that does not sound promising. Are you just talking about the white girls or have the asians also followed suit.

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